Zoom vs. free conference call is about establishing a comparison between free calling and the world-renowned zoom conference calling. People are always looking to save on whatever they can; it’s human nature. That is why free conference calls will always be the first preference. Besides the obvious free-of-cost feature, free calling brings many other benefits such as prolonged call sessions and much more.

How Does Video Conferencing Technology Work?

Video conferencing technology regularly comprises of a couple of key segments. First, there are endpoints similar to a PC or a telepresence framework utilized by meeting members. For instance, one endpoint would be a telecommuter’s PC, while the other endpoint is a PC in a gathering room. 

These two endpoints are associated with a video conferencing worker that permits them to impart. Periodically, fringe technology is utilized during video conferencing. This incorporates mouthpieces, speakers, cameras, and reverberation abrogation gear. 

There’s an assortment of video conferencing technology, and they all give various highlights. Depending on the technology you use, extra apparatuses can improve the video conferencing experience, similar to texting, content sharing, and meeting recording.

Modern Problems Need Modern Solutions

The present era is all about getting your task done via mobile device. Due to the current advancements in technology, all can be done and achieved through a mobile device. As a result, people are more comfortable with their phones, tabs, and laptops than anything else. This is where Mobile Video Conferencing comes to play. It is an effective method to stay in touch with work and family. Zoom, along with other free conferencing calling services, can be downloaded on mobile via apps, and you are pretty much good to go. People want convenience, which is what they get when they use mobile technology to use these video conferencing apps. Nobody in the right frame of mind would have thought about this two decades ago. Life is unpredictable, and so is technology. You never know what is coming up next. At first, it started as a one on one conference call, and slowly and gradually, as tech advanced and these companies matured and updated their software, now you can have up to 100 attendees at the same time.

Following is a Comparison between Zoom vs. Free Conference Call Services

1. WorkHub Connect

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect is a free conference call platform that provides an extraordinary virtual experience that hook the end-users for a long period of time. Through its extra ordinary picture and voice quality you have the most exclusive one to one experience and a group call experience. With WorkHub Connect any promoting, deals, client achievement, or HR group can without much of a stretch make online occasions for their crowds. From gatherings, online courses, meetings, web based instructional classes, digital broadcast interviews, item demos, WorkHub Connect can adjust to any sort of occasion. WorkHub Connect is a program based stage that allows groups to put together their online occasions in a single spot.

With WorkHub Connect you get to Empower video cooperation on any gadget, innovation and area, while holding full responsibility for information. Use great video without the requirement for programming or module introduction. Unite individuals and groups with a solitary, AI-fueled video meeting stage to enhance your organization correspondences.

The free form of WorkHub Connect has a one-month time cutoff, and you can make and record as numerous online classes as you need. You’ll adore the chance of picking your own seat and view everybody’s photographs in a virtual course room. Make your online class, turn on your camera, share your screen, share your videos, broadcast different participants, record and make astonishing breakout meetings.

Make robotized meeting minute as record them for later audit. WorkHub Connect can identify the speaker consequently and pin it in the principle screen for a more vivid encounter


Zoom Video Conferencing Software

In the hard times of COVID-19, Zoom has come through the ranks and successfully achieved the top position for the best video online conference platform. In addition, zoom made working from home much easier by allowing more than 20 participants on single a video conferencing call, which achieved more productivity and won the trust of big organizations who choose zoom as their daily driver.

When Organizations take advantage of video conferencing technology, they see advantages like more transparent communication, increased productivity, meeting attendee engagement, and the opportunity to collaborate with people who are distributed across multiple locations.

Final Thought

Zoom vs. free conference call is a decision that is entirely up to you; an organization needs to choose their daily video conferencing platform depending on their personal preferences and needs. Free video calling might have free benefits, but a paid platform provides much more. In addition, it keeps updating so that one can enjoy the best video conferencing experience with good sound and audio. Free Video Conferencing Service providers like WorkHub Connect have an edge because of the services that they provide like HD quality sound and video.

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