Live video conferencing platform is one of your company’s most significant corporate communication tool. Users believe that firms who use video conferencing as a communication medium have more engaged staff, and 89% believe that it makes them feel more connected. However, to get the most out of this important business tool, you’ll want to be sure you have the best video conferencing features.

Your teams can be productive no matter where they are with a functionality video conferencing solution. It can help your organization connect with customers and other stakeholders more effectively. It can also make real-time collaboration, problem-solving, and effective meetings easier.

10 Features of Live Video Conferencing

Here are some critical characteristics that can assist your member enjoy the maximum experience.

1. Sharing a Screen

Screen sharing is essential for interactive meetings and webinars. You can display on full screen as well as specific apps on your desktop. This makes it easier for participants in your video conference to understand what the host is saying.

2. Capabilities for Multiple Webcams

To pick up on those all-important visual cues, it’s more significant if you can see the face of the person performing the talking during a video conference. Look for dynamic webcam options if your company has a lot of remote workers or if you routinely hold meetings.

Ideally, your video conferencing solution should enable several webcams so that everyone can see and be heard throughout the meeting. The live video conferencing solution from Intermedia may accommodate up to a dozen webcams at once.

3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Video communication should be as simple as connecting via phone or chat for remote teams if your video conferencing solution is bundled with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plan. Video conferencing using VoIP allows for completely smooth communication.

By pressing a button, users can switch from audio calls to video calls or group meetings. To change channels or add people, there’s no need to establish a new connection or interrupt communication.

4. Chat Options

Whether you’re conducting a meeting with best virtual conference platforms customers or broadcasting a marketing webinar to a group of leads, your users will get more out of the experience if they can interact. This is why having a good chat feature is so beneficial. During a meeting or online event, look for chat tools that allow your video conference users to contribute messages, including text and emoticons.

5. Use of a Remote

You won’t want to miss out on this video conferencing option for collaborative meetings. It gives participants immediate control over your computer’s keyboard and mouse, allowing them to edit and modify shared documents in real-time.

6. Recordings are Limitless

Your online conference platforms video meetings and presentations should be able to be recorded. Most video conferencing platforms provide for easy recording, but you should search for a feature that allows for unlimited cloud storage as well as easy sharing. For example, a meeting or webinar should be recorded and shared with numerous participants with just one click.

7. High-Definition Video

HD video may make a big impact in making a meeting even better. Everyone can easily see who is speaking thanks to high-quality video, making it feel as if everyone is in the same room.

8. Features of Branding

This is a must-have function if you’re providing video material for consumers, such as webinars or instructive presentations. In addition, you’ll want to be able to incorporate your company’s logo and other branding elements. This will give your webinar content a more professional appearance.

9. Features of a Dynamic Presentation

You’ll want to rely on specific features for sophisticated presentations. Check that you can upload various file kinds, such as MP4 videos, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs. This provides you with the most secure video conferencing options to include rich media in your presentation to keep your audience engaged.

Note sharing is another advanced video conferencing capability that can help you deliver better presentations. During the meeting or webinar, you can capture a series of steps or a single piece of the presentation and transmit it to participants as notes.

10. Performance Reports

Performance metrics are useful for determining how well your presentations were received, which portions were the most engaging, and how many people attended your event. To gain enough feedback from your meetings and webinars, look for a platform that includes both attendance and chat reports.

It’s worthwhile to verify that your company has all of the necessary video conferencing features. Advanced capabilities allow for dynamic and successful meetings to be held from any location in the world, at any time. Investigate how Intermedia’s video conferencing technology can benefit your company.


Live video conferencing is especially useful for distant workers, who will most likely use these services to hold the bulk, if not all, of their business meetings. Because remote workers often work from home and do not use traditional office premises, video conferencing can mimic face-to-face contact between team members and coworkers.

Furthermore, combining video conference tools like screen sharing with video calls can make video conferences significantly more beneficial for employee collaboration than relying solely on voice communication.

WorkHub Connect is one of the most secure live video conferencing solutions on the market, with a focus on security and privacy. Even with the free edition, there is no time limit on meetings and you can hold as many as you want. You have more control over the meeting and the participants with advanced moderator controls.

With WorkHub Connect, you may share your screen not only from your computer but also from your other devices. Your meetings can also be kept in your browser extension, Gmail, or Google calendar. As this program allows you to hold, you may rule out OS dependencies such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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