Top 9 Workforce Management Software Trending in 2021

Workforce management software is any digital application that is designed to assist a workforce’s day-to-day operations.

As human resource systems develop, modernize, and change, workforce management has become a mammoth task.

Today, we will go over some of the best, most dependable workforce management tools in this article to help you with anything from employee engagement to time and attendance.

Also, we will cover what each of these employee management services excels at, so you can decide if it’s the ideal fit for your organization.

Workforce Management Software Comparison Criteria

Workforce Management Software Comparison Criteria

The following is a list of how evaluation criteria are set:

User Interface

Workforce management requires UI capability to enable HR departments’ ease-of-use and intuitive employee self-service when required.


Large-scale WMS training sometimes incurs additional personnel costs, so any software must be simple to use by a mobile workforce or HR management.


Because workforce management software is often just one gear in a bigger SaaS machine, it must be able to interact (through plugins or APIs) with popular apps for staffing, task lifecycle automation, budgeting, employee time, and clock-in tools, scheduling software, and artificial intelligence.

Value for Money

Pricing for workforce management software should be fair, flexible, and transparent to meet the demands of both large and small firms.

Overview of The 9 Best Workforce Management Software

Here is a quick summary of the top 9 workforce management software trending in 2021:

1 – WorkHub

WorkHub Powerful Employee Management Software

WorkHub is a business-oriented remote employee management system. It improves the efficiency of employees’ job processes and workflows significantly.

Working from home is a responsibility to safeguard ourselves and others in the present Covid situation. Therefore, every company today needs a reliable remote management solution that can help them organize their work processes while also managing and retaining their employees.

However, WorkHub isn’t just another flimsy management tool. Instead, it is a large suite of software applications for small to commercial enterprises that are incredibly responsive and effective.

WorkHub as a platform comes with the following benefits:

  • All in one solution

WorkHub isn’t just a portal with one or two small apps. It offers a whole business solution to meet the complex needs of its varied clients. Some major solutions that WorkHub offers include a full-fledged helpdesk ticketing system and video conferencing services.

  • Affordable Pricing

WorkHub provides customized plans to fit well with all client needs. These plans offer perfect value for money and include numerous capabilities that are exclusively available through WorkHub’s superior services.

  •  Privacy is a top priority

The platform is completely secure in terms of data privacy and security. Furthermore, it prioritizes providing clients a comfortable environment where they can focus on their business without worrying about their data.

  • Seeking Friendships

WorkHub aspires to provide the highest level of quality and client services to develop long-term relationships with them.

2 – ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a fully-featured HR management software created with large enterprises in mind, with over 70,000 pleased clients in North America alone.

ADP is a cloud-based, all-in-one payroll, HR, time, talent, reporting, and benefits platform. Besides, flexible scalability, single-entry data capabilities that auto-populate everywhere, proactive mistake detection, and enterprise-grade data security are some highlights of this software.

On request, ADP Workforce Now provides customizable pricing. The platform comes with a free 30-days trial.

3 – Calabrio Workforce Management

Calabrio Workforce Management

Calabrio purchased Teleopti in June 2019, combining sophisticated workforce management software with high-quality customer experience solutions.

They currently offer one of the most comprehensive call center workforce solutions in the market, thanks to their combined efforts.

Moreover, they make it extremely simple to record and preserve phone calls for future training and feedback. Calabrio can also forecast peak and slack periods, track agent interactions, and integrate AI chatbot technology.

4 – Oracle Workforce Management

Oracle Workforce Management

Oracle Workforce Management is a single-system solution that combines payroll, financial, and personal information with time, labor, and leave management.

More so, managers will be able to traverse global absences while allowing for local customization, as well as create rules and regulations and track absence patterns and low-productivity areas.

Oracle Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), a highly functional, fully-featured smartphone app companion, is also available.

Moreover, for a minimum of 1000 employees, Oracle Workforce Management costs $13/user/month. They also provide a no-cost demo.

5 – Fuse Workforce Management

Fuse Workforce Management

Fuse Workforce Management is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution that includes a suite of management features, real-time workforce analytics, ACA compliance management tools, time-tracking and absence systems, and payroll.

They have a marketplace of third-party tools that allow a lot of customization. Also, their self-service scheduling application stands out since it is very user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and packed with features.

In addition to that, requests for changes and PTOs can be handled directly through the site.

Fuse Workforce Management has a free demo and costs $18 per user per month.

6 – BlueYonder Workforce Management

BlueYonder Workforce Management

BlueYonder is a labor-management solution that prioritizes employee engagement and productivity.

In today’s world, if you have a fully or partially remote workforce, you’ll want a modern, collaborative, user-friendly, and colorful platform like BlueYonder at your disposal.

On request, BlueYonder Workforce Management provides customizable pricing.

7 – Aspect Workforce Management

Aspect Workforce Management

Aspect is an award-winning workforce management solution that includes omnichannel workforce planning, endless “what-if” scenarios for staffing, and simple employee self-service capabilities.

More so, it is compatible with the majority of ACDs and routing platforms on the market. Aspect has a good dashboard set-up, as seen in the screenshot, with critical and varied information provided with accessibility and readability in mind.

On request, Aspect Workforce Management provides customizable pricing. They also come up with a no-cost demo.

8 – SumTotal Workforce Management

SumTotal Workforce Management

You may schedule your staff using SumTotal Workforce Management based on availability, skill, and role.

Within the platform, managers will be able to make drag-and-drop schedule changes, track availability and counts, and validate certificates.

Further, they offer a comprehensive training and learning management system that alerts users when they need to update or enhance their skill sets while keeping managers informed.

On request, SumTotal Workforce Management also provides customizable pricing.

9- Paylocity


Paylocity is a payroll and HR software company that offers dependable solutions for taxes, costs, recruiting, onboarding, employee development, compensation management, and benefits administration.

More so, their mobile-friendly experience is ideal for modern employees that require access from any smart device while on the go.

They also make performance management more gamified by giving it a “social media” vibe by allowing users to give each other praises for specific activities, actions, or behaviors.

Paylocity starts at $45 per month plus $4 per user each month. They provide a no-cost demo.


Workforce Management Software is available in a variety of forms in 2021. Some of them are expensive, while others are less so.

It is solely dependent on the demands and requirements of clients or businesses. Every piece of software briefed here is excellent HR technology for clients’ businesses.

However, if you need professional software that is best in all regards, we would recommend you WorkHub.

Because of WorkHub’s credibility and trust among its users for its unique features, the number of its clients is increasing day by day. So, do not wait much longer and hop on into this fruitful bandwagon.