Looking for a top video conferencing services company around you? The software services of Web conferencing have gained popularity in recent years, and many business people have recognized the importance of software products that allow them to communicate via the internet. The main idea or purpose of using web conferencing technology is to communicate with different stakeholders, including customers and business partners in different parts of the world. Many kinds of businesses have also spread out across various geographic locations, and thus it isn’t easy to communicate with employees who are working in different regions. Another core facing a challenge is the fact that it’s costly to travel to convey a message.

The positive result is that companies can use video conferencing software to overcome these communication barriers and bring life to their meetings with people who are indifferent to geographical regions, rooms, or floors without having to travel. Many Online conferences are lively because the attendees can see and hear each other in real-time.

The scope of Video conferencing can truly maximize your productivity, connecting you in real-time to clients, potential clients, and team members worldwide. But taking it as the globe shrinks, new problems pop up, such as buffering, bad connections, and that awkward digital stutter that gives your meeting a sci-fi horror flick feel.

Why We Need Video Conferencing Services

Web conferencing services allow participants to conduct meetings over the internet. It mostly allows users to remotely attend meetings with the help of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and file-sharing technologies. This means letting the business partner’s employees, managers, and customers in distant locations can join video conferences and communicate in real-time,

Leading Web conferencing software also includes features that allow users to share presentations, participate in webinars, make conference calls, conduct video meetings with several attendees, and communicate with customers face to face. Companies’ portals can also use web conferencing software to carry out remote training sessions and run product demos without incurring any traveling costs. There are several web conferencing software products to choose from depending on your business needs. The above-mentioned products and other web conferencing applications may differ in one way or another, but most of them have the following features.

List of Companies Providing Video Conferencing Services

Few of the Casual conferences should look for free and no-download options, while serious business users need unshakable connections and scalability. Including Desktop sharing and IM, features are nice teleconference meeting software options as well. Let’s jump to the list without any delay.

  1. WorkHub Connect
  2. Zoho Meeting
  3. Samepage
  4. Conzia
  5. Sneek
  6. Zoom
  7. Microsoft Teams
  8. BlueJeans
  9. Ringcentral

1. WorkHub Connect

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

Just like you can talk to a colleague while working inside the office, Instant Connect offers video conferencing services that give you the freedom to do so online while working remotely. Any two team members who are active on the platform can talk to each other with just a single click. More so, the call can be either audio or video-based.

After signing up, you get your own conference call host web link, which you and your guests can use to join a call with a phone or computer quickly. Starting and managing a call on the computer gives you the best experience, but nothing is wrong with calling in from your phone. If you ever download the app, you can start and join a conference with one tap.

Instant Connect is a wholesome communication app. It involves everything important for a complete collaboration experience among teams. You can easily share important information and messages from multiple sources using plenty of supported integrations. These integrations include e-mail, SMS, inter come widgets, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google My Business, Viber, WeChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

You can avail all the benefits of a wholesome communication app with Instant Connect. Whether it is one-to-one chats in the form of private messages or group chats via public and private channels, Instant Connect has got you all covered.

Video Conferencing Services helps in Cost Cutting

Video conferencing helps your organization cut down on expenses incurred because traveling allows employees to work safely from home. Using the Instant Connect video conferencing app, users can directly initiate a mobile meeting with remote users in just an instant. With our affordable pricing and smooth video conference connectivity, Instant Connect is one of the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses.

2. Zoho Meeting

Another software named Zoho Meeting fully featured video conferencing software enables you to collaborate with your team in real-time using video, audio, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting provides the best video conferencing platform with a user-friendly interface, interactive controls, and mobile video conferencing support available at an affordable price.

Communicating with the individual thoughts and articulate ideas better through video conferencing. Making the best use of the desktop camera or an external camera for video meetings and build consensus through face-to-face collaboration, leaving no space for confusion or ambiguity.

3. Samepage

One of the platforms named Samepage is an all-in-one team collaboration solution that covers a wide range of workflows. Samepage includes facilitating communication, project management, running meetings, online collaboration and more by combining team chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, task management, file sharing, and real-time team document collaboration in a single cloud-based collaborative workspace.

Getting all of your team communication done in a single app with a single click. Chat via video, audio-only, or text without switching to Skype, Facetime, or Slack. Connecting or meeting with 15+ people just as easily as connecting one-on-one and enjoying flawless streaming video quality. And don’t worry about limits on how many videos calls you can hold simultaneously. By using Samepage, you can have as many as you like.

Creating and editing your meeting agendas with coworkers in real-time, no matter where they are. You will experience that every change is visible as it happens, so your team is never in the dark, never gets sidetracked, and never misses a detail.

Samepage is an all-in-one solution for workplace collaboration. If you feel that you have too many apps, then Samepage could be the one communication tool you need. The Pages feature particularly useful because you can create dynamic documents in a familiar WordPress-style editor. Here at Samepage, you can upload files, tables, meeting agendas, and third-party calendars.

Although this may be true, it isn’t simply because the video conferencing options are weaker than Webex and Zoom. While you can host audio-visual meetings and have excellent chat options, the lack of recording is problematic. It is effortless to set up a range of great options for keeping everyone on the same page on balance.

4. Conzia

Conzia software is a Berlin-based company working in AI conversational commerce. They are usally building a Communications Platform as a Service. Their platform is flexible enough to integrate 40 plus other messaging APIs, CRMs, CMSs, Marketplaces and offer one solution for unified customer support. Their mission is to help customer support teams by providing them with one platform for managing billions of customer conversations.

One platform to manage all your customer conversations. Conzia software is a cloud-based communications platform as a service. As a user, you can easily manage all your conversations with your customers on various messaging channels, including Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, SMS, and many others, via a single platform.

5. Sneek

Sneek lets you explore or see your teammates all day and start instant video conferencing services with a single click using the software. Sneek provides a platform that is as close to a real office as you can get. Sneek provides a software platform like looking at your teammates across the room and walking up to their desks for a chat. By Using Sneek, they can still tell you to go away if they’re eating a bowl of cereal.

Sneek takes your photo at a regular interval. To have a chat with one of them, click on their photo for instant video. Using the Sneek platform, you can control how often your photo is taken by selecting between 1 minute or 5-minute intervals, or manually if you prefer. Signing -In in with Slack or Google and send Sneek snaps directly to any Slack channel when you catch a friend looking seductive, yawning or singing opera.

Clicking on your face to leave the group and the other remaining chatting will probably talk behind your back. One of the best things or features about this platform is that it offers a Slack integration system that makes it stronger than others. Having a High-performance structure, workload availability, new admin interval control, screen sharing, and send large files are key features of the platform.

6. Zoom

Zoom Video Communications, based on an American communications Technology Company headquartered in San Jose, California. Zoom software provides and facilitates video telephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. Zoom Meetings provides syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop, mobile and dedicated Zoom for Home Devices. Having multitasking features like Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting.

Moreover, the software Zoom enables quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. Its robust security settings ensure disruption-free meetings. Building Encryption, role-based security, passcode protection, waiting rooms and much more. Zoom Brings HD video and audio to your meetings with support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 videos on screen.

Zoom platform offers a free service plan which includes video conferencing services with up to 100 participants and unlimited 1 on 1 meeting. That is quite enough for most small businesses with remote teams.

The software zoom downside of the free plan is that conference calls are limited to 40 minutes duration. This is sometimes really frustrating because all attendees will start to see a countdown timer, and at 40 minutes mark, the app will kick everyone out of the meeting room.

Just Like the first two providers in our list, Zoom does not give you a dedicated virtual business phone number. More ever, each Zoom meeting gets a unique dial-in code that participants can use to join via phone, in case they don’t have the app or access to reliable internet.

7. Microsoft Teams

The software platform known as Microsoft Teams offers many impressive and valuable Video conferencing services. Users Using Microsoft Teams can host 1080p calls with up to 250 members, which includes the ability to share screens and record calls. Users at Microsoft Teams can also meet or collaborate on the go using Microsoft Teams apps for smartphones and tablets.

Video calling feature is an essential tool in the modern workplace since employees are more frequently working remotely or from various office locations. Using the platform software Microsoft Teams, employees can easily meet virtually, discuss, brainstorm and work on documents, in real-time.

8. BlueJeans

Users Participating in BlueJeans video meetings with up to 150 attendees. Experiencing quality video and Dolby Voice® audio for the highest fidelity meetings. Users using this platform share & receive content for maximum productivity on the go. Facilitating professional meetings with intuitive controls that make meeting moderation a breeze.

Integrating your calendar to enable one-touch join and easily jump from meeting-to-meeting. Users of this software can eliminate dead spots with intelligent bandwidth management that optimize network settings. Selecting or browsing the safe driving mode while on the road for distraction-free meetings.

Joining Events on BlueJeans as a view-only participant with the ability to respond to Q&A and polling. The platform software Leverage mode to transfer your personal calendar from your mobile app to a Dolby Voice Room to transform a conference room into your personal meeting room requirements.

9. Ringcentral

RingCentral Video Increasing the productivity on a global scale by bringing your international teams together with ease. Expanding its network beyond borders is no longer a headache. Users’ Active international numbers instantly in over 100 countries, and add more whenever you need them. Ring Central platform provides local numbers, free global extension-to-extension dialing, and free inbound calling. As a user, you’ll also experience a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to help with implementation, along with 24/7 support. Experiencing the efficiency and convenience of having one comprehensive solution across all markets. Open software API platform enables communications integrations with today’s most popular business apps, including Google, Microsoft®, Salesforce®, Okta, Zendesk®, and ServiceNow®. The developers can even build custom apps and integrations to improve business productivity

Helping you choosing the Right Video Conferencing Services

There are many Video conferencing services in the market today, and a lot of them are particularly made for small businesses. We hope this blog was helpful in your search for the perfect web conferencing tool for your small business. However you’re an individual, startup business, large company, or enterprise, you’ll find a high-quality conference calling solution in any of the tools you’ve seen in this guide.

As per our recommendation, you should choose Instant Connect as it has integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, and many external service providers. You’ll be able to schedule the day, time, and location and then send an invitation to call participants via email. Adding most of the new users to a call should also be as simple as sending them a link to the conference “room.” If it’s any more complicated than that, you might want to look elsewhere. It has features that include cloud phone, team messaging, conferencing, call-forwarding, auto-greetings, and more.

Instant Connect users can get a free online meeting service, which lets you have high-quality video conference calls with anyone in your team and/or customers. Their audio call quality is excellent, apps are easy to use, and offer incredible customer support. Their platform also includes a wide range of features you’ll need to manage your business. Moreover, if you want to learn more about WorkHub, please visit us here.