Top 7 Employee Management Software Features In 2021

Most companies use Employee Management Software to manage their resources efficiently and effectively.

An employee is the company’s most valuable asset. All companies are in a constant struggle to attract and retain the best talents with themselves. To achieve that, they need to manage their employees in the best way possible.

Moreover, due to the Covid situation, employees are frequently working from home. They are performing all their tasks, meetings, and campaigns from behind the doors of their homes.

So, the companies are faced with a challenge to select the best employee management software in terms of features and usability.

Let us discuss in detail seven of the most significant features that make up for a robust employee management software.

Top 7 Employee Management Software Features:

1. Time management

Time Management

The most important thing for everyone in this fast-growing corporate world is time.

Everybody wants to use their time professionally. In this scenario, a time management tool is quite essential. That is why we have listed this feature as number one.

The role of this feature is to maintain the attendance records of the employees. In most cases, there are automated sheets required to create total attendance reports of all employees, according to workdays.

The prime objective of this feature is to track the punctuality of your employees. It tracks the check-in and check-out timings of the employees while also measuring their overtime duties for a perfect division of compensation and rewards. Other highlights of this feature include:

  • Project billing
  • Paid time off( PTO)
  • Biometric Records

Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management

The term employee management indicates the handling of several employees, which is not possible without having proper records for each resource. 

Companies depend on accurate and thorough employee data to carry efficient management activities. Therefore, a suitable employee management system requires reliable database facilities that could handle a data load of up to a certain amount of employees.

Some of the necessary information that HR stores in these databases are:

  • General employee records
  • Emergency contact information
  • Job descriptions
  • Job achievements & promotion records
  • Job history
  • Compensation history
  • Insurance plans
  • Time-off used and accrued

Numerous database management tools control more specific information such as benefits information and time off details.

You can also store employee or client data such as skills, favorite food, movie, certifications, etc.

Scheduling and Policies

Scheduling and Policies

Scheduling and policy-making features of these employee management services are of much significance for managers.

These features allow easy access to leave-related details that help employees plan their time off collaboratively. The managers and other team members can also get information about anyone’s absence, off day, or requested time off.

In addition to that, they can plan vacation days, leave for family emergencies, etc., using this feature of employee management services.

In short, this feature helps teams to scale their productivity by efficiently managing their work hours, absence, recruitment, and training activities.

Employees Self Service Portal

Employees Self Service Portal

Employees’ self-service portal, known as the ESS portal, is a modern technology-based software feature. These portal tools are here to help employees through various psychosocial issues, which are the responsibility of an HR officer.

Most ESS portals let employees update personal information, such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Bank Account Details

In addition, some ESS portals enable employees to correspond directly and securely with their company’s HR department, saving time and creating a written record of communication.

Mobile Work Management

Mobile Work Management

Mobile work management improves workplace productivity by making tasks easier for supervisors and employees. This feature helps to complete a wide range of work and administrative tasks from any location and device at any time.

This feature refers to the availability and support of employee management software for smart mobile devices. This feature allows employees to clock in-out or on-off specific jobs from a remote work environment in real-time.

Moreover, this feature can help employees manage many of their essential tasks from their smartphones like:

  • Signing in & out of the office
  • Taking instant leaves
  • Handling work meetings
  • Exchanging urgent files

Financial Management

Financial Management

The finance department is the company’s most important and the most critical unit.

However, managing distributions for compensations and remunerations of the workforce is one of the most fundamental duties of the HR department. 

So, a good employee management system must offer sturdy finance management features that can handle some massive finance outflows.

Some of the necessary finance-related items that fall under this feature are:

  • Base salaries
  • Administration expenses
  • Bonus programs
  • Commissions
  • Long-term incentive management

Audio & Video Conferencing Services

Audio & Video Conferencing Services

When we talk about improving employee productivity and control, communication plays a vital role there. Besides, during these COVID times, audio & video conferencing platforms have gained quite massive popularity for effective communications.

Good audio and video conferencing services offer:

  • Screen-sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • File sharing
  • Instant audio/video connection
  • Group chat & calls

Therefore, employee management software that provides instant communication features can be a winning horse here.

Bonus Feature: Employee Management Software

Bonus Feature: Helpdesk Ticketing System

The reason we are sharing this bonus feature is that help desk ticketing systems have also become an important part of employee activities.

Most companies are operating on project bases these days, which makes it obligatory to deploy some sort of agile solutions for project management and customer support.

More so, nowadays, this feature comes as a part of some famous employee management software.

Some of the main items in this feature are:

  • Multi-channel access
  • Multiple language support
  • Flexibility
  • Workflow automation
  • Team empowerment
  • Reporting tools


All of the features mentioned above are helpful, and to some extent necessary, for managers and their companies. It is just a matter of requirements and budgets where you decide which features can best match your needs.

The purpose of employee management software is to ease out the whole employee management journey for the HR department. And all the discussed features outline the basics of an effective HR management system.

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