Top 6 Video Conferencing Services In 2021

Video conferencing services are helping us big time as we are going through the pandemic. With the rise of work from home culture, everyone needs video conferencing software that is free and that is identical to the needs of the business. The primary purpose of all this is to make a very similar work environment just like that of the office to duplicate the results and goals produced while working in the office.

Best Video Conferencing Services to Date.

Following are some video conferencing platforms that are free and provide specifications that might suit what is best for your team.

1. WorkHub Connect

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect Video conferencing services provide users with multiple advantages that help them meet their business goals. Some of the features of WorkHub Connect are:-

Application sharing. Any stage that advances joint effort ought to never be without an application sharing element. It empowers different members to communicate utilizing a program running on a solitary machine. With this component, different members can see documents regardless of whether they don’t have the product expected to open such records on their PC. Application sharing lifts cooperation among staff in a similar way as vis-à-vis correspondence does. 

Electronic Whiteboards. This component empowers meeting members to type or draw on the board and even transfer a picture or report. Some applications even can have more pages that members can undoubtedly get to. One can feature or draw circles on explicit spaces of pictures. Extra functionalities, for example, zoom control, pointers and shape creators might be accessible. 

Record move. An apparatus in need of coordinated effort for quite a while, document move usefulness empowers clients to send records to any video meeting member. All that is required is a FTP worker and FTP customers. The worker allows customers to interface and solicitation required documents. As most video conferencing arrangements have both customer and worker, the requirement for a different FTP worker is disposed of. Notwithstanding, you ought to be cautious in utilizing such an apparatus as record moves may imply critical danger.

2. Zoom Meetings 

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Zoom Meetings is a mainstream video conferencing instrument that offers a broad scope of highlights, for example, screen sharing, Zoom Webinars, Zoom Chat, a whiteboard and drawing devices, adjustable gathering foundations, and individual gathering rooms — and obviously, video conferencing. The instrument rose to prominence during the beginning phases of the Covid pandemic and has hugely extended its client base because of a blend of moderate valuing and rich highlights. It’s likewise an entirely versatile apparatus, appropriate for private ventures, singular clients, undertakings, instructive establishments, medical services associations, and a wide assortment of enterprises. 

3. Skype

Skype Communication tool for free calls and chat

Skype, bought by Microsoft in 2011, is perhaps the most notable video conferencing apparatuses available. Its business arrangement, Skype for Business, will be resigned in July 2021 and supplanted with Microsoft Teams. Skype offers an accessible form for people and organizations. Yet, as the instrument upholds a limit of 50 gathering members, it’s probably not going to be a fit for more prominent organizations and undertakings.

4. Google Meet 

Google Meet

Google meet is Google’s video conferencing programming for business. The apparatus comes as a component of Google Workspace (once in the past, G Suite, Google’s undertaking set-up of coordinated effort and profitability applications). 

Google Meet can’t be bought as an independent arrangement, which improves the structure appropriate for existing clients of Google Workspace. Google Meet is a no-nonsense arrangement that offers introductory and simple-to-utilize video conferencing usefulness. The best part is google meet can create a Helpdesk ticketing system as well that helps employers as well.

5. Webex Meetings 

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Online Meetings

is a good video conferencing arrangement for each business size because of its blend of versatile estimating groups and highlights. The entirety of the arrangement’s paid plans to incorporate video conferencing with a showcase of up to 25 member video screens, screen sharing, meeting recording, and the capacity to share the moderator job. 

The arrangement accompanies a scope of highlights including: 

  • Meeting recording 
  • Surveying choices 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Meeting record 
  • Individual gathering room
  • Employee management software

6. 6Connex

6connex Enterprise Virtual Venue & Hybrid Events Platform

A tweaked 6Connex virtual occasion could feel practically like you’re strolling into a stylish French gathering space with a luxurious crystal fixture overhead and a bistro au lait sitting tight for you at the beverage bar. With an adaptable look and feel for the welcome anteroom plan, the 6Connex group puts forth a valiant effort to bring a virtual occasion alive through a vivid encounter. 

A participant who joins a virtual occasion interestingly may likewise be welcomed by the occasion coordinator or organization CEO with a welcome video that plays a custom message and establishes the vibe for the experience.


Video conferencing services are a lifesaver in the hard times of Covid- 19. You get to simulate a workplace just like the virtual office. There is much software that provides free services and has the features to do the unthinkable and create a cabin that has as many as 40 employees online while sharing the same screen that results in more productivity. Stay ahead of the curve with the best Video conferencing services Visit today and start conferencing!