Top 6 Features of a Free Video Conferencing Website in 2021

Looking for the best free video conferencing website? Products that have a lot to offer your company, from cost savings to increased production. However, it is up to you to fully investigate and utilize the capabilities of video conferencing programs. Using such platforms will provide your company with a slew of advantages. Some of the benefits of video conferencing software are as follows:

Gain an Advantage over the Competitors

For product development teams looking to bring new ideas to market, video conferencing can be a godsend. The usage of video conferencing software allows for faster knowledge sharing, resulting in more informed team members. In addition, it can assist customer service employees to create relationships with customers through face-to-face talks, which can benefit them.

Minimize Travel Costs

Minimize travel costs. Having the ability to fulfill and check with people in several locations from the comfort of your desk is among the key goals of video conferencing tools. It’s the closest thing to being within the company of your partners, customers, and colleagues. Unfortunately, the prices related to traveling to business conferences have always been high. This is often why video conferencing has sparked the interest of many businesses.

Considering the expenditures of travel, one is certain to choose video conferencing over live meetings any day.

Telecommuting Made Easy

 Free video conferencing websites also are handy for home-based workers. It’s capable of promoting interaction among telecommuting workers. Additionally, it helps in delivering reports and directions clearer.

A Free Video Conferencing Website must include the following Features

A Free Video Conferencing Website must include the following Features

1. Service or a Free Video Trial

You should not obtain the fundamental capabilities of a free video conferencing website solution. However, there are many options for tiny low to medium-sized businesses that may connect your team members, customers, and business partners with free video calling, either by signing up for a free account or a free trial.

Most services that provide free and paid plans will typically limit some video aspect that needs the free version. This will include the number of parties that will join the decision, the power to use features like screen sharing or video call recording, or premium integrations with third-party platforms. For example, WorkHub Connect allows up to 1,000 participants per free video conference in its free plan.

2. User-Friendly Interface

How many times have you ever struggled to line up a video stream on a projector while dialing in ‘incorrect’ PIN codes on your conference phone?

A free video conferencing website should make initiating and joining a video conference easy. Ideally, you ought not to download any software or plugins, no matter whether you’re within the organization or outdoor business contact.

You should even be ready to make video calls during a mainstream Internet browser like Firefox or Chrome. The key advantage of using browser-based video conferencing software is that you can access the service from a good range of devices without requiring specific operating systems or software.

3. Option 1: Audio-Only or Option 2: Dial-In

Every one of the best virtual conference platforms should allow users to affix in audio-only mode during video calls. This can be important for workers far from their desks, engaging from home, at an off-site location, or lacking the equipment to partake in an exceeding video call. While most services allow users to put off the webcam easily, users should even be ready to dial a signal directly from their landline or mobile phones.

If you propose hosting frequent calls with third parties, some platforms offer toll-free numbers for U.S. callers. This way, you’ll acquire the price for people calling into the conference. this can be a valuable feature if you’re reprimanding potential or paying customers. If toll-free numbers don’t seem to be available, the service should include a minimum of offer local code dial-in numbers to lower the price of calling in.

WorkHub Connect offers an integrated toll-free service with OpenVoice and allows customers to get toll-free numbers for over 50 countries.

4. Software for Chatting

Chat software is a standard feature of most secure video conferencing solutions, and it’s designed to act as a backup line if bandwidth constraints hamper video and audio sessions. It’s also intended to provide participants with a safe place in which to speak. Because most chat sessions are limited to only two people, both parties can feel safe. You’ll also be able to preserve chat records for later use.

5. Sharing of Applications

Any platform that supports collaboration should always include a tool for sharing applications. It employs a program that runs on a single machine to allow several participants to engage. Other participants can examine files using this capability even if they do not have the software required to open them on their machine. As a result, application sharing fosters employee collaboration in the same way that face-to-face communication does.

6. E-Boards are Electronic Whiteboards

This tool allows conference attendees to type or draw on the whiteboard and upload a photo or document. Some apps even have the capability of hosting additional pages that users can quickly access. One can, for example, draw circles or highlight specific portions of an image. Zoom control, pointers, and shape creators are among the many features available.


Video conferencing websites are becoming a more practical way of communication for both small and large enterprises, but it’s crucial to know exactly what its benefits and drawbacks are. It helps you save time and money and there is no need to travel.

It connects telecommuters with remote workers and is more intimate and engaging than just using a phone conference. Moreover, it increases productivity and efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. It improves interpersonal relationships. Alternatively, you can use the dial-in option.

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