Top 5 Features of the Best Conference Call App

A high-definition best conference call app has to do more than just show your face to the world. A solid video conferencing service makes it simple to create a meeting link or dial-in number, share it with others, and add more participants to in-progress conversations, whether you want to have a quick chat with a coworker or schedule an all-hands presentation on everyone’s calendar.

It should also include tools like screen sharing, annotation or whiteboarding, and live chat that allow you to turn facetime into collaboration time. Companies only included apps that enable these capabilities because they are critical to make your virtual meetings as fruitful as they would be in person.

A quality video conferencing call software should also be dependable, which means that it should allow for consistently clear calls that don’t drop or get choppy. While some of the applications on this list are ideal for smaller groups, there are a few standouts that can consistently manage video chats for large groups.

Benefits of Online Best Conference Call App

Benefits of Online Best Conference Call App

Finding the correct collaboration system for your entire team is critical. Through a collection of telecommunication technologies, online video conferencing can integrate these communication platforms by allowing two or more places to communicate via simultaneous two-way video and audio broadcasts. This technology has the potential to give your business a competitive advantage.

In fact, video conferencing is predicting to overtake voice conferencing as the main method of business communication in 2016. It’s no longer a question of if, but when you’ll employ video conferencing software.

1. Travel Time and Costs Are Reducing

Reduced travel time and costs are the most well-known advantages of video conferencing. Managers, internal teams, and IT employees who can attend customer meetings or handle problems without leaving their desks might assist boost corporate efficiency. Providing video capacity to your clients can help you stand out from the competition. Even hiring can be made easier if those who are unable to attend the live interview can evaluate the prospect via a recorded video conversation.

2. Improved Attendance

Video recording capabilities ensure that, if necessary, all personnel who require the data (for example, staff training or presentations) can be obtained when it is required.

What are the Features of Best Conference Call App?

What are the Features of Best Conference Call App?

Leaders must assess which option is best for them after gaining a better knowledge of the role video will play in their organization. Here are some things to keep an eye out for best conference call app.

1. The User’s Perspective

Regardless of how a company plans to use its video conferencing technology, it must be simple to use. Employees and IT teams alike are frustrated by convoluted video conferencing systems. Consider the following features to get the most out of your video calls:

Joining a video conference should be as simple as clicking a link, entering a meeting code. Users are more likely to choose fewer collaborative forms of communication, such as messaging or email, if they have to download software, enter passwords, or jump through several hoops to join a meeting.

2. Speaker Tracking

It makes more sense to focus on the speaker to the faraway attendees during a meeting. So that everyone can observe his or her body language and emotions. If the focus is on the group, everyone gets a smaller version, and the live mobile video conferencing experience isn’t as good as it could be.

VC systems can track who is actively speaking using the enhanced microphone array. It then zooms in on that person to get a better look at their body language.

3. Interoperability

Organizations all across the world have video rooms that use a variety of technology. Interoperability becomes crucial when organizations may simply connect to the outside world with a meeting platform.

4. Noise Cancellation

Distracting noises like keyboard typing, paper shuffling, and other distractions are blocked with noise cancellation technology. These noises are common in everyday meetings, and moderators frequently ask individuals to turn off their phones. These online conference platforms detects when a real person is speaking, and when no such person is detected, the microphone is muted.

5. Seamless Integration

Unique VC solutions based on numerous technologies are accommodated by the businesses. As a result, “integration” is a valuable add-on that allows cooperation with a variety of applications. Video conferencing technology such as WorkHub Connect, extend the reach and access to various applications.


WorkHub Connect with features like noise cancellation or one-click connectivity makes it the best conference call app. It allows cooperation beyond what is said on the call. Having multiple modes of communication available during a video call allows teams. To conduct side conversations without detracting from the speaker.

If the speaker is discussing a new product launch, for example, the marketing team can start a chat thread to brainstorm campaign ideas. The power of video is undeniable, but these extra capabilities elevate the video conferencing experience to a whole new level.

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