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Ticket Creation And Management

Generating and handling tickets is much easier with Tasks (and economical too!)

Ticket Creation via Forms for All the Users

Tasks allow you to have tickets created through forms on your website. Your clients simply fill in the forms, and a ticket is automatically generated against their query

Ticket Creation from Emails

You can connect an email address with WorkHub Tasks to let tickets be created automatically for all the emails received based on different conditions: Much empowering!

Ticket Creation from Chat Messages

Using this help desk ticketing system, agents can generate and create tickets with the accurate details during a chat conversation, so as to ensure no customer query goes unsolved!

Collect Tickets Directly from the Website via Widgets

WorkHub Tasks allow you to collect ticket details directly from your website through widgets that let agents chat with clients along with auto-filling the ticket details!

Create and Manage Tickets at Lesser Cost

The help desk ticketing system of WorkHub Tasks allows creating and managing tickets with all the essential features at an extremely lower price

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