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Access Control and Filters

Define access rights for your tickets and adjust filters for more efficiency with TASKS - Customer Service Ticketing System

Departments and Teams Management

Tasks allow you to divide your tickets across departments and further into teams. A ticket is assigned only to a relevant department/ team, which makes things more manageable and organized

Visibility Rights Management Across Departments and Teams

Generally, agents can view tickets within their team or department only, but tickets received by other teams can become visible to them as well if they got the right and access granted

Customer Logins to Track their Tickets

Your customers no longer need to keep sending you emails to find the status of their tickets. Tasks enable your clients to track their queries’ status by simply logging on WorkHub Task’s website

Group Tickets and Collaborator

Tasks enable your agents to resolve client tickets in an organized manner by dividing them into various categories: team tickets, group tickets, own tickets, and collaboration tickets

Filters and Sorting Tickets

With Tasks, your agents have the ability to quickly search and view a ticket by adjusting useful filters. You can also save a set of filters for the next time to stay more productive

A Cost-Effective Ticketing System

Our customer service ticketing system gives you more control when it comes to handling your client tickets at a relatively low cost!

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