List of Top 15 Free Best Video Conferencing Software in The USA

It isn’t easy to select one software from the top 15 Free Best Video Conferencing software. Video conferencing is a need of modern-day communication, and it is necessary for personal use and business use. It is an excellent tool for not only talk to family and friends but also for business use. Business uses video conferencing for communicating with employees, customers, and other business stakeholders. Discussed below is a list of the top 15 best Video Conferencing Software in the USA;

  1. WorkHub Connect
  2. Cisco Webex
  3. Intermedia AnyMeeting
  4. Zoom meeting
  5. Google Meet
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. Glip
  8. Goto Meeting
  9. Zoho Meeting
  10. Livestorm
  11. Pexip
  12. TeamViewer
  13. RingCentral Video
  14. ezTalks Meetings
  15. Skype

 1- WorkHub Connect

Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect is an excellent tool for video conferencing. It is a single platform to meet the communication needs of corporate users fully. With its innovative application, now it is possible to talk to clients and colleagues with one click. With its advanced technology, it offers increased stability for the excellent level of smoothness for video conferencing.

With a live headshot view, it creates a real-time experience for great collaboration of teams. This Top 15 Free Best Video Conferencing has the excellent feature of a “Smart Team wall” that establishes a headshot of the employees after regular intervals to create a real-time experience. WorkHub Connect offers a top-notch video conferencing service. It is a wholesome communication app for a one-to-one chat in the form of private messages and excellent for group chat.

It is a superb tool for external communication to the organization’s stakeholders. It offers easy integration for WhatsApp, Facebook Messengers, Google My Business, Viber, WeChat, Linkedin, Twitter and other famous platforms. WorkHub Connect provides excellent services to meet the requirements of modern-day communication needs fully. An organization can also use WorkHub Tasks, a system on the top of the list of the best help desk tools for better customer service. 

It has the integrating ability with other WorkHub tools of employee management software. An organization’s comprehensive system can be created for better productivity. It will not only facilitate the employees but also create better collaboration with all the stakeholders of the organization 

 2- Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Business has seen a considerable revamping, particularly on ease of use. It is one of the more expensive video conferencing solutions on the internet. Cisco wanted to add more features like Webex Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered meeting assistant that will take administrative tasks.

Webex is a powerful software with security features and integration to work perfectly for mid-sized to large businesses and enterprises. The new interface’s simplicity with back-end muscle is enough to allow Webex to remain the best choice for video conferencing.

3- Intermedia AnyMeeting

Intermedia Any Meeting

Intermedia AnyMeeting and its advanced version, AnyMeeting Pro, stands head and shoulders above not only its previous incarnation but most of the other video conferencing solutions. The service handles all major operating platforms. It comes with artificial intelligence-enabled tools for easy-to-handle everyday tasks, and the good news is that users don’t need to pay extra for these features.

4-Zoom Meeting

Zoho Meeting

An enormous number of human beings are staying away from each other as the world tries to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. In this environment, Zoom Meetings has taken hold and become a top choice among video conferencing apps both for commercial enterprise and private use. For people working from home, Zoom is now almost synonymous with having a meeting. The app works for other kinds of get-togethers, too, from digital funerals to happy hours. The more people use Zoom, however, the more it comes under scrutiny.

During the first half of 2020, security experts, educators, and average customers criticized Zoom on numerous fronts. Customers should be aware of the criticisms and informed of the facts before deciding whether to apply Zoom.  That said, in terms of features, stability, and reliability, Zoom remains one of the high-quality video calling apps.

5- Google Meet

Google Meet

This video conferencing tool is excellent for video conferencing experience, however, will be using it as part of Workspace, where the mid-level subscription tier provides support for one hundred fifty meeting participants and an infinite number of meetings at a maximum of 24 hours per meeting, this number is good to satisfy the needs of small to midsized business.

6- Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

A team is an effective tool for staying in touch once you’ve become familiar with them. Groups and other remote-work collaboration tools are especially vital to master now that many people are working from home and connecting with colleagues remotely.

7 – Glip


During the pandemic, email is not robust enough for communication. Many small organizations are turning to message apps to communicate with colleagues. Glip is an online chat software that shares many similarities with Zoho, Flock, and Slack. It lets you have real-time or conversations. However, it lacks few things that other soft wares are providing, like conversation threads.

8- Goto Meeting

Goto Meeting

LogMeIn has made excellent software with an improved user interface. Aside from a brand new layout now helps all significant platforms, both desktop and mobile. It’s a bit on the pricey side; however, it consists of a few new and aggressive capabilities to compensate, including an intelligent assistant that manages automated meeting transcription. However, while the new UI is genuinely an improvement from its preceding iteration,

9- Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting Video Conferencing for Remote Teams

Zoho Meeting is a low-cost software best for introductory video conferencing.  It is suitable for companies that are already invested in other portions of Zoho’s software portfolio. Most organizations will need to upgrade from the basic version with a limitation of ten attendees. Overall, Zoho provides all the necessary features to fulfill the needs of small companies and individuals for introductory video conferencing.

10- Livestorm


Livestorm is a full-featured software that makes it easy for companies to build powerful video communication strategies. This software makes easy collaboration for businesses, and it is easy to use. With the help of Livestorm, now it is possible to organize every part of an online event, from promoting to post-event analysis.

11- Pexip


Pexip is one of the best video conferencing software available right now. Pexip allows users to host the web conferences yourself on-premise, or you can choose to host them on a cloud service like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. Video conferencing in  Pexip is scalable and customizable, and it allows businesses to integrate traditional video systems.

12- TeamViewer

Team Viewer

TeamViewer can be ideally compared with Cisco for its security features. TeamViewer’s home page claims to have 1.3 billion protected devices using remote support. The platform emphasizes support and solutions. TeamViewer’s features include running several small sessions simultaneously on Mac operating systems within browser tabs. Another feature is the sticky note feature. Users can leave a message to clients to inform them of any updates or leave a friendly letter.

13- RingCentral Video

Ring Central

RingCentral Video offers an excellent, fast and trusted experience of integrated video, message, and telephony. With RingCentral, users can enjoy HD video and audio conferencing, as well as a guaranteed 99.999% uptime reliability.  Users can use this software without downloading, and it works perfectly in the web browser automatically. RingCentral provides foolproof web security and integration with other software like Slack, Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. 13. GoToMeeting.

14- ezTalks Meetings


ezTalks Meetings is one of the best tools for video conferencing. ezTalks Meetings is free HD web video conferencing and a powerful online tool for whiteboard collaboration for teams to collaborate efficiently. One hundred users can use ezTalks Meetings at one time for video conferencing. ezTalks Meetings is a good option for large and small companies that want to use secure video conferencing.



Skype is very familiar for most users. Skype is one of the free video conferencing tools worth use. Most of the users are not familiar with most skype features. Skype does not allow screen sharing. Skype also lacks flexibility. Skype is featured as a hybrid peer-to-peer and client-server system. Many businesses left use of Skype after 2013 when rumors spread that skype has allowed its access to many intelligence agencies

In all the above-discussed options, WorkHub Connect is the Top 15 Free Best Video Conferencing. It offers all features required for modern-day communication.

Our utmost priority is to serve you to the best of our ability and make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the service provided, for this and much more visit WorkHub Connect.