IT help desk, or a help desk team is the first level of support for a business. Every company, big or small, has some IT team or department that looks after computer or software-related issues faced by an internal team. This is different for big companies as they can have a vast designated It department that provides an effective helpdesk. In contrast, the smaller companies might only have a group of people, or in the worst-case scenario, only one person performs help desk duties. For example, he creates new accounts for newcomers in the company, deletes staff leaving the company; in bigger companies, such tasks are done by something known as an active directory. Which manages all the HR-related tasks on a larger scale. Help Desk provides technical assistance to the overall company, so to speak.

As we dive deeper into discussing what a helpdesk is, we already have established that they are the first line of defence; just like in a war situation, infantry is the first line of defense. A help desk person answers call from clients, helps them solve their problems. They reply to emails and answers queries; these emails might be sent personally or to a distribution group of service deck people. They are the first level of escalation in the company. They provide solutions, and if it is above their skill set they send it up to the second level to get the problem fixed.

Free helpdesk software helps save precious bucks

One of the toughest parts about working in customer service is that the workflow. It’s extremely unpredictable. When you’re on the frontline, you’ve got no idea what quiet case you will be taking next or how long it’ll fancy resolve it. During their time of service, a Helpdesk team can solve some matters in minutes while others can be time taking.

The point is, your customer support reps do not know what their daily workload is until they devour the phone and answer a call. This puts pressure on the rep to be flexible when faced with surprises. And be organized enough to handle a hit or miss workday.

Not every issue is resolved after the primary call. So your reps got to have a system in situ for handling both long and short-term support cases. This is often where help desk software and ticketing systems play a serious role in customer service teams’ success. These tools spread incoming service demands among team members and help them manage follow-up on long-term cases.

Help Desk software can increase your customer service team’s support bandwidth while improving the general customer experience, but these systems are often pricey. When you’re working within a decent budget, and like quality help desk software, several free options are available. Of course, there is a trade-off. Free help desk software may impose user and functionality limits, but they’ll definitely get the work wiped out a pinch. When you’re able to upgrade, you’ll always purchase a paid version or switch to a more robust system with a fee. Let’s take a glance at a number of the highest help desk software and ticketing systems.

Some of the best free helpdesk Softwares are:

1. WorkHub Tasks

Workhub Assist Helpdesk Ticketing System

WorkHub Tasks provides one of the best, if not the best free helpdesk software along with the IT help desk. As a result, big organizations and SME’s have started showing their interest in this immaculate user-friendly software. It gets the job done with minimum fuss. WorkHub Tasks understands that employee handling is one of the most daunting tasks. And therefore it presents a helpdesk that takes care of employees as well as client feedback. WorKHub Tasks has improved drastically on all fronts over the past few years. They have hired the best in the Business who work day in and day out to enhance and bring positive changes to their helpdesk platform. Modern problems require modern solutions and The Helpdesk by WorkHub Tasks always provides the best modern Solutions. The team at WorkHub Tasks knows that there are many competitors in the market. Keeping this fact in mind, they constantly update and bring minor changes here and there to stay on the top of the food chain. Through WorkHub Tasks’s Helpdesk, it is very easy to reply to incoming requests and answer client complaints

2. Zoho desk


Zoho Desk is a varied channel help desk that consists of an improved next level ticket management system. The ticketing system can take care of inbound service cases with the help of phone, web, email, chat, and social media. This coverage across many channels makes it simpler for brands to provide an omni-channel experience.

One unique and fantastic feature that Zoho Desk provides is a widget tool that you can implant on your website. When loading completes in a browser, the widget or implant turns into a support form that customers can use to fill out requests. They can explain their problem in detail as well as request a medium through which they can communicate.

Not only does this form make it simpler to get in touch with your support team, but reps can also have an in-depth analysis of these incoming requests and come up with a remedy prior to reaching out. This significantly improves first-call resolution rates as well as customer satisfaction.

3. Sys desk

SysAid is a touch different from the other help desk providers because it has a modular platform. This means that users can begin with an initial tool or feature and can attach on more as they please. Rather than confusing reps by showing products or services that they’ll never use, SysAid makes the interface easier by allowing the clients access to as many tools as they want to.

SysAid’s help desk module allows users a platform to take care of tickets from both desktop and mobile devices. Its features consist of ticket automation and do it yourself mediums like a knowledge base. It also has incident reporting tools that can track problems or changes that are affecting your entire team.

4. C-desk

C-Desk is a substantial help desk platform that offers a wide range of free client service tools. It consists of everything from ticket management to customer feedback collection. This platform is excellent for small-medium enterprise businesses that may be adopting their maiden help desk software.

Moreover, C-desk also introduces tools that can assist and promote customer success as well. For instance, their corridor tool allows you to upload and post video and pictures into designated albums on your webpage. You can access this feature to create customer testimonials, giving more credibility to your customer service team.

Helpdesk software and ticketing systems help companies and their client base to a great extent. It is entirely up to the organization to choose a suitable helpdesk software that will help them in the future and reshape the way customer support is handled and taken care of. Mentioned above are some of the top free help desk ticketing systems that have been there for some time and have successfully made big clients for big companies. The best part is the clients do not want to leave because of the service they are provided every time and because of good word of mouth the customers are increasing by the minute. 

These free software have different ways of assisting the customers. Some rely on the tools, while others rely on the long heritage that the company has inherited from the past.

Welcoming new clients

As a company continues to grow and take on new clients every day, the customer service team will be striving to keep up with customer needs. Going for a help desk software can assist even the impossible scenarios in their favor and simplify reps to organize and manage ticket density.

Putting Matters Priority Wise

customer satisfaction might be a challenging task to achieve, but once you get the taste of this, there is no looking back; big names have all once seen failure, but the best part is they never gave up on their dreams and kept working hard and lived long enough to see the positive results via well-structured and designed help desk software 

It All Comes Down To It Help Desk

An IT server helpdesk is and always be a tool that is made for the satisfaction of customers. It is in the human DNA to make things easier around them so that maximum profitability is achieved, and with the help of this accurately designed software, success is ready to kiss the feet of the ones who use this software regularly.


A helpdesk is a lifesaver when it comes to customer retention and their satisfaction. To Get customer satisfaction, a team that knows the ins and outs of customer satisfaction needs to be formed and to form such a team of experts, you do not need to spend millions or train them for years. You just need a suitable it designated Helpdesk.

Get a help desk and improve customer satisfaction. To get the best it services and information about It helpdesk, visit today.