How to Manage Team Collaboration with a Support Ticket System

The Support Ticket System is a handy tool to have when you are struggling with client requests and feedback. The ticket system manages most of the organization’s problems. The support team are problem solvers and can help team collaboration to a great extent.

Information technology is the need of the hour these days. Every company, small or big, needs information technology. An IT helpdesk assists employees with technological-related issues.

Client Satisfaction

Customer is the most important pillar for any organization as they are the main reason why the company makes profits. Therefore, helping them is the most crucial part. Listening to their queries, giving them a suitable remedy, and much more is related to Customer Support Software.

Importance of Free Helpdesk

Free helpdesk software makes sure that multiple customers can be handled at the same time. As a result, their requests all their problems are solved in a timely, professional manner. 

This includes categorizing requests based on the concern and then transferring them to the appropriate department — such as marketing, sales, support, etc.

Now a question arises when is the right time to have a helpdesk software?

To answer this question, you need to see how many client requests you are getting. If you can answer all of them within the office timings, it is fine, but if you are being overwhelmed with requests and have to sit after office hours to answer them, it is a clear indication that you need helpdesk software.

Here are some free helpdesk software that you might consider getting for your organization.

1. WorkHub Tasks

Workhub Assist Helpdesk Ticketing System

This Support ticket system is the best in the business. It provides seamless service. The client requests are aligned perfectly and then suitable remedies are provided so that the client is satisfied through and through. Some profound advantages of this software are

  • cloud compatibility
  • fast loading times due to efficient coding
  • is available for both android and ios

2. Deskero

support ticket system-deskero

Deskero is a cloud-based problem solver that works as both a ticketing system and a helpdesk. The free plan is time-constrained to one agent, but you don’t have to pay to access the customized branding features unlike some other options.

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk Online Cloud Based Customer Service Software

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk system that possesses social media ticketing as well as email ticketing. The social media feature is fully available on a plan that is free of cost. Facebook and Twitter are the only platforms currently helped by Freshdesk, but others may be included over time.

4. SysAid

help desk software-sysaid

SysAid is an elastic helpdesk solution for businesses of different sizes. It can be deployed both tangibly on-site and through the cloud. The free version works with Windows and Linux. You can add two agents while on the free plan.


The Support Ticket system is a breadwinner for most organizations as it manages the workload related to the internal workforce and helps with customer requests and complaints. It helps to manage and collaborate with teams, and the best part is there are free versions that help you add a technician as well. WorkHub Tasks is one of the best when it comes to a reliable ticketing system.

Team collaboration is important, whether in a workplace or in a playground, to manage your teams more efficiently. Visit us at