Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions in 2021

Enterprise Video Conferencing enable communication between remote individuals using a mobile device or computer, enabling effective communication between companies. Once subscribed to a platform, you’ll send invitations to colleagues, friends or students, summoning them to hitch your meeting.

When clicked on, the invite link will send your guests into a virtual room where the meeting or call will occur. Typically, you’ll be the default host of the video conference. The platform will request you enable your webcam if you use a laptop or desktop and for your camera to be activated if you are joining via mobile.

Why You Need Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions?

Why You Need Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions?

WorkHub Connect may be a staple of recent commerce well before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, especially with tech-oriented companies. Innovations in audio video conferencing and based and streaming technology led to companies re-examining their willingness to spend so readily on employee travel. Within the past, when the sole alternative would be telephone communication, such expenses were deemed necessary.

The importance of seeing one another during a gathering is completely critical. Learning on visual communication and establishing a true, human connection is important, especially within the business world. Major technological breakthroughs have allowed for that human, face-to-face communicative experience without participants wanting to be physically within the same room.

Engage Your Sales Team With Audio Video Conferencing

Engage Your Sales Team With Audio Video Conferencing

Before COVID-19, the company branch that the majority relied on video conference software was the sales team. Companies that provide complex, intricate solutions (e.g., SaaS platforms) have longer sales cycles. A demo must be conducted, and follow-up meetings must occur before an opportunity is convinced to convert into a paying customer.

Enterprise video conferencing platforms typically have built-in screen sharing capabilities, critical for sales pitches and demonstrations. Supplanting old-school methods, reps and account executives can prepare detailed presentations and share them with leads and interested parties just by clicking on the ‘SHARE SCREEN’ feature (more thereon during a moment).

Video conferencing solution quality offered by best-in-class solutions is extraordinary. Therefore, present members of a meeting will be treated to an experience that compares favorably with physically being in the same room together. This is absolutely instrumental in creating an operative group of experts during the age of remote work.

Here are the top options. We’ll give each a fair shake-down and highlight the business vectors they complement the most. Bear in mind that some may be great solutions for a variety of customer personas.

WorkHub Connect

WorkHub Connect Video Conferencing Services

A go-to platform for video conferencing solutions, WorkHub Connect is a good, solid option, especially for smaller to medium-sized businesses.

WorkHub Connect offers many features you’ll find on Zoom and RingCentral Meetings, including  RSVP scheduling, add to calendar, screen/application, sharing, VoIP, and, of course, a chatbox. SMBs will likely find WorkHub Connect to be more than sufficient.

However, the absence of further plans may prove problematic, especially if you plan on hosting meetings with more than a hundred participants. If webinar hosting is a priority and something you see yourself expanding into enormously, you might want to explore the WorkHub Connect webinar plan.

As suggested in its name, the package will enable you to host meetings with maximum participants.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Did you actually expect Microsoft to not have a representative on this list? Teams, the tech Giant’s answer to Slack, also offers nifty video conferencing features. However, more so than the other solution on this list, Microsoft Teams is geared primarily towards larger enterprises.
If your company relies on Microsoft Office 365 Business, Microsoft Teams is perhaps the thanks to choose video conferencing, as well.

Tinkering with the platform, you’re quite likely to return away feeling that Microsoft Teams is more suitable for internal communication than for sales or recreational meetings.

However, hosting meetings with up to 250 participants is not any joke, and Teams should definitely be considered for his or her external common capabilities.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Formerly Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is an exciting option. Reacting to the explosion of the best web video conferencing world brought on by COVID-19, Google is offering advanced Google Meet features to all or any G Suite subscribers until March 2021.

Google Meet calls are limited to 250 participants. At the instant, all Google Meet meetings can run a limitless amount of your time. Expect the cap to be set at hour after March 2021.

Final Thoughts and Takeaways

With a recent revelation that 82% of company leaders decide to allow employees to figure remotely, it’s safe to mention that remote work is here to remain.

Ensuring optimal communication via enterprise video conferencing, both external and internal, is mission-critical for businesses of all types. Video conferencing platforms will prove instrumental therein regard. Choosing the proper platform will depend upon your unique needs as a business, educator, publisher or marketer.

Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet are popular, and with good reason. However, WorkHub Connect offers enticing features and an excellent plan. It’d be your pick if you’re employed for an SMB. Finally, enterprises may find WorkHub hook up with be the optimal solution, not just external communications.

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