11 Best E-Signature Software for Digital Signatures

Reviewing the best e-signature software is what this article is all about. Therefore, there will be a brief overview of each of the mentioned software’s functionality along with their notable features.

So, which is the best e-signature software? Read below to find out:

1. WorkHub eSignature

WorkHub eSignature is one of the best e-signature software for all types of businesses. Also, significantly, it’s also one of the low-priced options there.

workhub esignature

When using WorkHub eSignature, users can rapidly upload a variety of documents using the desktop or drag-and-drop options.

You can upload many documents simultaneously and keep track of them with its e-signature feature. Additionally, to customize your eSignature processes, you may just drag a signature area onto the page.

Additionally, you are able to create multiple independent signature places and gather many signatures at once with its digital signature program.

Notably, WorkHub eSignature offers the safest technique for digital signatures available online: Individuals receiving sign requests will receive a security code on their email to confirm that the document is in the right place, upholding the highest levels of security.

You may easily email the documents to one or more recipients using WorkHub eSignature.

WorkHub eSignature’s innovative interface lets you add additional signers to a particular section of your document so they can all sign it, and you can share the file with everyone.

With the help of our e-signature software, customers may access powerful capabilities that save manual labor and the need to keep track of how many documents have been signed or not. Furthermore, it provides helpful admin insights into workflows.

You can securely download all the data with only one click after signing your online form. Your documents are safely stored in your WorkHub account, which you can delete at any time.

As with the case of every other e-signature tool, this software comes with every basic feature required to perform e-signatures.

But its additional features make it stand out from the rest: multi-user signing, tracking record of signed & unsigned files, placement of signature on the document, and others.

Last but not least, WorkHub Signature is a super economical option. It offers extremely low pricing options. So, with a functionality that is extremely helpful at a highly affordable price, it is definitely one of the best e-signature software.

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2. Nitro

The PDF and e-signing application Nitro provides you with all the tools you need to manage your document workflow. 

With the eSign feature, you can add a digital signature. You can also send your contract to the parties involved and ask for their signatures.

sign eSignature

Status updates allow you to track your documents in real time. Moreover, to facilitate the signing of the contract, reminders may be provided. 

Team collaboration features make sure your team collaborates effectively while granting the necessary amount of access.

For businesses that work with PDF files, Nitro is a good software option. Real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, financial services, education, and professional services are some of the sectors it works with.

Its key features include PDF creation/editing, requesting signatures, branding customization, bulk signing, etc. It also provides a mobile app to further facilitate its users. 

All in all, Nitro is a capable e-signature tool. But as compared to the other relevant software, it is fairly expensive. 

3. FormSwift

You may create, edit, and sign digital documents with FormSwift, a SaaS legal document builder. 

There are more than 1100 options available in this software, and it is hosted in the cloud. 

Using it you can create a digital signature by writing it or drawing it using the eSignature creation function.

You can create individual legal documents such as Power of Attorney, Resignation Letter, Bill of Sale, and Affidavit. There are templates provided by FormSwift as well which include purchase orders, non-compete agreements, and non-disclosure agreements if you own a small business.

So, FormSwift is the perfect digital document solution for all businesses, thanks to its emphasis on legal forms, contracts, and agreements.

Its key features include editing PDFs along with offering 1100+ templates. However, the number of functionalities that it comes with is relatively less than its competitors.

4. GetAccept

GetAccept is a platform for electronic signatures that easily interacts with your CRM.

Brands like Samsung, CHEQ, Crisp Video, Chargebee, and SkyLab Solutions all use it. You can efficiently generate, send, and handle forms and contracts with the software.

This program provides a number of helpful features that increase the likelihood that your documents will be signed.

For B2B sales teams looking to increase conversion rate, GetAccept is ideal. It works effectively for a variety of businesses, including staffing and recruitment, telecom and media, and IT and tech.

As for the features of this software, it includes document tracking, analytics, integrations, etc. As discussed before, it’s very suitable for carrying out sales as it comes with a number of integrations and robust API.

That said, software, no matter how good, has no significant use to offer if it does not have a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, the same is the case with this tool.

5. pdfFiller

pdfFiller is a digital signature platform that provides you with all the tools you need to sign and finish papers online.

Using pdfFiller, an entirely legal electronic signature can be made by you, which you can include in your contracts, documents, and agreements, and it can be typed or drawn.

Your contract parties can receive a link via email. And using it, they can sign your document electronically by clicking on that link. Moreover, notifications can be used to prompt people to sign.

Although pdfFiller is excellent for all organizations, some sectors benefit from its use the most, which include human resources, finance, information technology, insurance, building, government, law, tourism, sales, and nonprofits.

The features of this e-signature software include all the general features that a relevant software possesses, such as PDF document editing/ converting, etc.

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of using this software is that it provides great customer support. Nevertheless, using its advanced features is not easier as it requires a fair amount of their learning first.

6. HelloSign

You can electronically sign papers online using HelloSign, a cloud-based tool. Your forms, contracts, and agreements can all have digital signatures attached to them in either handwriting or typing. Moreover, Electronic signatures created with HelloSign are completely legitimate.


HelloSign has a number of features that make document processing simpler for organizations, which is fantastic.

HelloSign has a number of features that make document processing simpler for organizations, which is fantastic. To request signatures from all the parties to your contract, you can email your document to them all at once. Notifications and reminders facilitate a quicker procedure.

All organizations can use HelloSign, although smaller ones with less than 50 employees will find it more useful. It will streamline the workflows for your insurance documents, sales contracts, financial agreements, and human resources documents.

7. PandaDoc

You can produce and manage business documents with the web-based e-signing program PandaDoc

You may create, add, and request digital signatures using the platform’s straightforward web editor that uses drag and drops.

Templates can be utilized to streamline your contract workflow, and your digital signature can be typed or hand-drawn. The contract parties’ signatures are guaranteed by roles, comments, approvals, and negotiations.

For businesses that need to manage a lot of papers at once, PandaDoc is an excellent electronic signature application.

For both front-office and back-office business operations, it is a useful platform. Last but not least,  Sales, HR, marketing, legal, and financial departments can all benefit immensely from PandaDoc.

The features of PandaDoc include a drag-and-drop online editor, templates, integrations, etc. However, its notable features are a large number of templates, including good customer service.

The only thing that may make users not opt for this software is its expensive pricing, as many other relevant cheaper software is available.

8. SignNow

Online document processing and electronic signing are made easy with the help of SignNow. You can type or hand-draw a digital signature using this eSignature application, which can be included in documents, agreements, and contractual contracts.

The comprehensive capabilities of the program for digital signatures make processing papers easier. You can choose to offer remote signing or signing in person. Also, reminders and notifications carefully nudge your contract parties towards action.

Healthcare, real estate, financial services, and construction are just a few of the sectors where SignNow excels. Furthermore, Sales, HR, and legal are the other industries that can be helped with this software.

Its notable features are completion notifications, bulk invites, and reminders. However, it also comes with other usual features. As for the drawbacks, the templates that this software provides are sometimes hard to edit. 

9. DocuSign

Your document workflow can be made more efficient by using DocuSign, an eSignature application. Online document digital signing is made simple with its user-friendly editor. Moreover, to sign contracts and other legal documents, you can establish a digital signature.


DocuSign has a large number of users since it is a decent option in the legal, procurement, sales, and human resources departments.

Its features include extensive file type support, PDF form conversion, document comments, etc. But learning to use DocuSign is not easy, so a naive user may find it challenging to use it. Also, it does not provide very robust customer service.

10. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is a digital signing software for companies. It enables hassle-free online contract, form, and agreement signing by allowing you to produce digital signatures. 

Zoho Sign helps boost the productivity of your business because of its numerous valuable features.

With Zoho Sign, working with and overseeing contract parties is simple. The efficient processing of your documents is ensured by real-time comments, punctual reminders, and several signing choices.

As for every other relevant software, it supports multiple files. But its notable features include mobile signing and real-time comments, which, however, are also offered by other e-signature tools as well.

11. Signaturely

Online contracts can be easily signed with the help of the electronic signature application Signaturely. 

With this tool, you may quickly and easily produce a digital signature and sign papers, improving your contract workflow:  Time, effort, and money will all be saved.

For companies of all sizes, in all sectors, this is an excellent online signature solution because the tools you need to streamline your contract workflow are available in Signaturely.  

Additionally, you can test Signaturely without having to commit to its premium plan first.

The features of Signaturely are more or less the same as its competitors. And while the free trial may give it a slight edge over others, users may decide to go with a cheaper option in the long run.


An e-signature software goes a long way in making your paper-based process rather paperless and quick through its digital technology, which streamlines your workflow and consequently improves the entire work.

The best e-signature software will not only help you sign your documents digitally at the least cost but will also offer other helpful features that will help further improve your work. 

With that in mind, WorkHub eSignature is definitely the best e-signature software as it fills every criterion of being one. Book its demo for free to learn about it better.