Best 6 Video Conferencing Services in 2021

Video Conferencing services may be a medium for visual communications between two or more people that can connect over the web. As it involves communication in real-time, cloud integration plays a huge role. With the technological advancements in video-conferencing, people can connect from any place in the world on a physical device connected to the internet.

To sum up, a video-conferencing session involves cameras (mostly webcams) and mics at both ends and this data is transferred over a dedicated channel or server. There are several free versions also as paid software within the market.

The rising use of smartphones and laptops and growing internet penetration across the world have been pivotal to the large-scale use of these products. With low-cost cloud platforms and open-source networks, there are countless video-conference solution providers within the market.

The top video conferencing systems are quick and easy to set up, allow meetings with multiple users, and let you mute everyone but the speaker to cut background noise. In-meeting timers and recording options are a big plus too.

Casual conferences should look for free and no-download options, while serious business users need unshakable connections and scalability. Desktop sharing and IM features are nice teleconference meeting software options as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the best web conferencing solutions by live video conferencing services trending in 2021.

What is Video Conferencing Services?

What is Video Conferencing Services?

Video conferencing may be a way for people in several locations to satisfy, talk, and collaborate with a face-to-face feel. True video teleconference goes beyond just video chat. The best video conferencing services let multiple people meet, share desktops, and keep remote stakeholders up to hurry. Speaking of speed, as 5G technology takes hold, it’ll become even easier to desire you’re right there together with your attendees.

Best Video Conferencing services In The Market

1. WorkHub Connect

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect has unique features that cover all of your video conferencing needs at a competitive price. Integrations with external applications can lead you to another level where your teams can incorporate this tool without disrupting their normal routine.

You can initiate meetings wherever you are that more than keeps pace with the browser-based version by enabling multiple modes when you are out of the office for distraction-free conferencing, data savings, and automatic bandwidth adjustment.

This is a fantastic product for external presentations. Customers tend to have zero problems using WorkHub Connect. WorkHub Connect also provide help desk tools services.

On another side of hosting the video conference, it’s easy to manage your team with employee management software skills and track your meetings. You can allow access over the group to other attendees by making them co-organizers. WorkHub Connect has security tools that support HIPAA compliance. All subscriptions come with risk-based authentication and fully encrypted. You can also set passwords once you schedule a gathering as an additional layer of protection.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Video Conferencing

The second service also helpful in employee management software is Google Hangouts, one of the most demanding and classic videos conferencing tools. Meet powered by Google Hangouts is helping businesses instead of personal communication. This tool helps you hold live video conferences and depending on your plan, the number of people you can accommodate increases. Moreover, it is observed that it might not be as streamlined as some other solutions. But overall, we can say that it is still pretty much perfect for a small business that has just started growing.

3. Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing companies globally, and its product speaks for itself. Armed with sophisticated features and smart mechanics, it’s easy to know why this particular video conferencing solution is understood for its simple use.

Like most live video conferencing services, Zoom also provides a tiered membership option with different features and capacity limits in order that their product is often employed by a good range of customers, including small businesses.

4. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Welcome Real Virtual Video Conferencing

While Adobe may excel in creating tools for the creative industry, the software giant also features a web conferencing tool in its portfolio. Adobe Connect allows you to host meetings over a web meeting room. You can find another interesting feature that you can record your meetings and re-publish them if needed. There are also many add-ons for the software that can increase functionality and performance.

5. AnyMeeting

Intermedia Any Meeting Video Conferencing Solution

AnyMeeting is another great live streaming app with pretty great features such as screen sharing, chat, email invitations, reminders, and others. It provides two plans for users – during hosting it enable you to connect with as many team members as 10 to host up almost a team in single meeting, while the opposite allows you to host up to 30. Overall, it’s a reasonably decent web conferencing tool and particularly useful for little businesses.

6. Cisco WebEx

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Online Meetings

With features like screen sharing, personal meeting rooms, cloud recording, and more, Cisco WebEx may be a full-fledged web conferencing solution from one among the simplest video conferencing service providers.

There are different levels of usage with capacity starting from 50 participants to up to 1000! With high bitrate in live video streaming, it also provides one among the simplest viewing experiences.

Expert’s Opinion for Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Services

There are many web conferencing tools in the market today, and a lot of them are particularly made for small businesses including the helpdesk ticketing system. But among all, we recommend that WorkHub Connect has the power with all options that best meet your needs. Visit WorkHub for more details and queries.