9 Employee Management Software In the USA

The trend for having Employee Management Software in USA is common these days. However, there is a valid reason behind that obsession. Every organization needs a solid system to rely on for managing all their employee-related activities.

Having stable Employee Management Software is useful for the smooth functioning of an organization. It helps the HR teams keep track of their employee information, such as

  • Compensation details
  • Medical records
  • Attendance history
  • Performance appraisals
  • and much more data like that

Besides, if you are on this blog page and looking for better HR technologies, there can be two reasons behind that:

  1. You want to upgrade your current employee relationship management software.
  2. Or you are implementing employee management software for the first time in your company.

Moreover, before you begin to compare different software, you need to pass each alternative through a set of criteria. These checkers can be the following items

  • User Interface of the platform
  • User-friendliness of the software
  • Set of available features
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Overall value for your money

So, if one of the below-mentioned employee relationship management software scores the most against these criteria, you know where to invest.

Top Employee Management Software In USA

1. WorkHub

Workhub Employee Management Software

WorkHub is an operating system for businesses that will optimize work processes and workflow – especially in the Covid situation where working from home is an obligation.

WorkHub is a result of keen research and development on core organizational needs. It not only includes HR operations but core business processes as well.

The biggest challenges that WorkHub aims to address are communication and collaboration during remote work. Currently, it is doing so with the help of its two major applications WorkHub Connect and WorkHub Tasks.

Connect makes professional communication easier while Assist improves customer retention via its helpdesk and ticket management services.

Some major claims by this omnichannel employee management software are as follows:

  • All-in-One Solution

WorkHub is not just a set of one or two products, but it serves as a hub of all essential software that an organization requires to function.

  • Prioritizing Privacy

WorkHub Software security is quite robust. Its main priority is to give the safest operating environment to its clients in terms of privacy.

  • Seeking Friendships 

WorkHub aims to build long-term relationships with its clients via end-to-end support and seamless employee management products.

Main Features:

WorkHub provides its users with the following main features via its complete employee management software suite.

  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Meeting Calendars
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Employee Rewards
  • Employee Timeline

2. Connecteam

Connecteam is-the Employee Management Software Tool

Connecteam is the employee management software tool that is created for non-desk employees. 

It is a mobile application. It offers a reliable and robust solution for businesses looking to manage employees remotely. It also helps to boost efficiency, streamline the processes, and enhance daily operations.

Some prime features offered by Connecteam are as follows:

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Streamline updates and communication.
  • Good training and Onboarding.
  • Send and receive reports in real-time.
  • Efficient job scheduling
  • GPS empowered time tracking
  • Compliance through forms
  • SOPs and Company Protocols available.

3. Gusto


Gusto is one the best and popular cloud-based payroll software out there. It was previously known as ZenPayroll.

Gusto provides some amazing built-in features for small companies to medium-sized businesses, that too, in a budget. More so, it offers smooth automation for activities in the payroll process.

One of the highlighted features that Gusto provides is its unique and advanced employee onboarding process. This system helps the new employees securely enter their personal information directly into the system, like their bank details.

The platform itself is highly user-friendly and has an eye-catching user interface. Here are some of the feature that Gusto offers with their employee management system:

  • Full-Service payroll
  • Medical, Dental, and vision
  • Certified HR experts
  • Time tracking
  • Hiring and onboarding feature
  • Employee Finance Tools
  • Workers comp
  • 401(k) plans

4. Workday, Inc.


The Workday HCM Suite is a Human Capital Management Saas for medium businesses to enterprises.

However, if someone is working or running an international company with payrolls in multiple currencies and according to different laws, Workday is the solution.

Workday provides integration with third-party payroll applications to manage payments across the globe smoothly. Although the platform lacks some components, when compared to its competitors, it is a fully cloud-based software product.

To list down, here are some of the key features that Workday offers:

  • Finance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Payroll
  • Talent Management
  • Expenditures Management
  • Analytics Management

5. Oracle – PeopleSoft

Oracle Peoplesoft Employee Management System

Oracle Peoplesoft is a Human Resource Management enterprise-grade solution for complex and big businesses operating globally. It is commonly used by government agencies, academic institutions, and similar large organizations.

PeopleSoft platform can manage hundreds and thousands of employees. The main use of the software is to provide long-term and dependable business solutions.

Few main features of Oracal PeopleSoft HCM are as follows:

  • Human capital Management 
  • financial management
  • Order and Inventory
  • Asset Lifecycle
  • Campus Solutions

6. Bullhorn, Inc.


Bullhorn is a comprehensive Saas (software as a Service) software. It is used for recruitment process management by large corporations and staffing agencies.

The product is quite user-friendly and customizable. Most importantly, its drag and drop functionality saves a lot of time and effort for the users.

The software is expensive to use and almost unapproachable for small businesses. However, if you have a budget, this one is the best solution software to manage your employee recruitment processes.

Having Bullhorn, you can have these features:

  • Win more clients
  • Better Recruitment 
  • Automated Onboarding process
  • Issue Invoices
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

7. SAP Litmos

Sap Litmos lms learning management system eLearning software

Litmos is an e-learning software platform. It is developed and designed for mostly academic applications. 

Litmos is an enterprise learning solution for businesses looking for all-in-one professional training. This platform is designed to meet an organization’s all internal and external training needs.

Besides, it includes an integrated eCommerce solution and some gamification options. 

Sap Litmos offers its clients the following features:

  • Faster Clients Onboarding
  • Engagement & Adoption
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Embedded AI
  • Easy Course Creation

8. 15Five


15five is a human-centric performance management platform for organizations who are looking to scale their business.

It offers engagement surveys and one-to-one feedback facilities to improve a company’s workforce productivity. In addition to that, 15Five aims to help its clients develop more successful managers by providing engagement and performance enhancement opportunities.

As a platform, 15Five aspires to become the top alternative for online office meetings. And to begin, it has fine-tuned its integration with slack.

Here are some of its prime features:

  • Attendance
  • Employee Engagement
  • One-on-one Feedback
  • Performance Reporting
  • OKRs

9. Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator

Employee navigator is web-based administrative software. It is designed for companies from the medium-sized to the enterprise level. The product includes different types of apps, but the high price creates a limit for small businesses.

Employee Navigator offers the following functionalities:

  • ACA and COBRA
  • Asset Tracking
  • PTO
  • Benefit Administration
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • HR Management


There are varieties of Employee Management Software In USA. It only depends on the demand and needs of the clients. Every software mentioned above is serving and improving the HR functionalities of businesses to a great extent.

The fact that every solution is available on your smartphone means you and your employees can enhance your processes anywhere, at any time. That is the beauty of technology;  it makes our lives and business easier.

Moreover, if you are looking for a complete package that could sum all the benefits from the tools described above: our recommendation would be for WorkHub, as it keeps you covered from all the aspects of an employee management system.