5 Ways to Enhance Effective Communication Using a Meeting Application

Meeting application is a platform that allows event participants to communicate with one another. In addition, the software allows you to quickly and easily create your own conference apps by selecting components that will elevate event communication to greater levels.

By establishing a precedent for office meetings, the meeting application plays a significant role in strengthening organizational communication. Effective office meetings result in enhanced workplace communication, increased productivity, and increased employee morale. So, how can you make the most of your company’s meetings?

If you’ve ever organized a conference of any kind, you’re probably aware of how crucial engagement and interactions are with participants. However, in situations where people’s attention spans are rapidly declining and most people are distracting, you must go above and beyond to achieve your event’s objectives. This is where the use of digital marketing comes into play.

Owl Labs survey reports show that 60% of the respondents participated in video meetings more in 2020 than 2019. That’s a big jump reporting apart from the other workplace staples like email. (https://temasys.io/17-statistics-showing-the-rise-of-virtual-meetings-in-2021/)

5 Steps to Enhance Effective Communication using Meeting Application

In a leadership role, effective workplace communication is critical. The phrase goes, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Effective communication is what distinguishes a good leader from a great one. Effective communication skills are essential for effective leadership.

When you communicate effectively with your team, you can avoid misunderstandings and promote a healthy and pleasant workplace. Working with your team efficiently and openly will allow you to complete tasks swiftly and professionally.

Here are 5 ways of enhancing communication while using meeting application;

1. Establish a Meeting Purpose

Establish a Meeting Purpose with Video Conferencing Software

Before convening the meeting, the meeting organizer should have a clearly defined goal in mind. What is the goal of your gathering? Do you wish to come up with innovative concepts? Are you disseminating information or compiling reports? Are you attempting to persuade everyone to make a decision? What do you hope to accomplish at the end of the meeting? Knowing this ahead of time makes the meeting worthwhile for the attendees.

The rise of a remote, geographically dispersing workforce is the biggest reason for the increase in video conferencing as one of the most important remote work tools. In 2020, the use of video conferencing skyrocketed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown.

But remote work was on its way to becoming the new normal before that, as statistics show:

2. Plan and Prepare

plan and prepare audio video conferencing

Create your agenda before sending out meeting invites. Once you know the meeting aim, you can construct a detailed meeting agenda that breaks the meeting down into subjects to be covered, and the time is given for each section.

30% of organizations worldwide began using web conferencing solutions for the first time due to COVID-19.  (Twilio, 2020)

This will not only act as a timeline to ensure that you’re meeting runs smoothly, but it will also assist attendees in planning ahead of time. In addition, participants should be aware of what they should bring to the meeting, such as ideas, notes, and opinions. Finally, if the goal of the meeting is to solve a problem, for example, allow participants to brainstorm possible solutions before the meeting.

3. Respect for Time

respect for time audio video conferencing

Audio video conferencing must begin and end on time. This will motivate people to be punctual and ensure that meetings go smoothly. Constant interruptions from employees who arrive late or leave early will eat into your meeting time, preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

Zoom was downloaded in a record-breaking fashion across the world: 14X more in America than its fourth-quarter weekly average in 2019, 55X more in Italy, 22X more in France, and 20X more in the UK. (App Annie, 2020)

4. Communication and Feedback

communication and feedback with best web video conferencing

Communication and Feedback are Two-Way Streets: If time permits, allow attendees to engage in the meeting during it. From preparation to follow-up, feedback can be incorporated into every stage of the meeting.

77.2% of business users are looking to support meetings with remote employees, while 75.7% have multiple offices.  (Transparency Market Research, 2019)

Attendees may have suggestions for the meeting that the organizers had not considered, so it’s crucial to speak with them before the event. After the meeting, use feedback to keep lines of communication open to ensure action items are accomplished.

5. End with a Result

end with a result

 Every effective meeting must conclude with a result, which is usually a specific action to be taken. Make sure everyone knows who is responsible for what, and set a date for follow-up. A summary of what was accomplished during the meeting, whether in the form of formal meeting minutes or a simple email, can be useful.

20% of meeting room budgetary allocations are now being used for collaborative technologies as businesses further expand support for remote team meetings and other related new work setups. (Future-Resource Consulting, 2018)

These steps will ensure that your meeting time is not squandered, that employees leave meetings feeling accomplished, and that your company’s communication improves over time. We can implement rules in any workplace meeting, in departmental meetings, company-wide quarterly meetings.


With more individuals working remotely, the rise of fast, on-demand communications, and the internationalization of enterprises. Major technological advancements have radically changed how and where we conduct business.

Building and maintaining quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors, and customers are critical. Meeting application increases productivity saves time, lowers travel costs, and fosters general collaboration. The advantage of video conferencing is that it allows you to make use of all of these advantages without having to travel for face-to-face communication on a regular basis.

WorkHub Connect develops a collaborative meeting atmosphere in your firm and serves as a basis for enabling today’s digital workforce. Video meetings allow teams to maintain human connections regardless of their physical location, which helps speed up decision-making and boost worldwide collaboration.

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