5 Ways of Customer Service Automation Using Helpdesk Tools

Most businesses will use helpdesk tools for live chat or as a CRM, but having a system in place to route and respond to customer inquiries has a number of benefits. The rise in the development of cloud computing has led to an influx of IT management solutions, all of which are still in their infancy. It might be difficult to sort through the large array of programs available, figure out the differences, and choose the best one for you.

To save your time and help you make an informed selection, put together this list of the best IT helpdesk software.

Helpdesk Tools and Service Desk Management Tools: What’s the Difference?

Helpdesk Tools and Service Desk Management Tools: What's the Difference?

While there is some overlap between helpdesk management and service desk software packages, there are several important distinctions to be aware of. A helpdesk, in its most basic form, allows employees to respond to customer support requests in both a reactive and collaborative manner.

On the other side, service desks provide a more proactive approach to managing customer service activities. So, while both helpdesk support tools and service desk software solutions are concerned with customer care, they take a totally different approach to it.

The Advantages of Helpdesk Software Automation of Customer Service

The Advantages of Helpdesk Software Automation of Customer Service

The benefits of helpdesk tools automation are wide-reaching, but here are just a few

1. Automation

 Let’s begin with the automation. A decent service desk should be somewhat automated, with several features needing little or no manual interaction on your side. Receiving incoming questions, rerouting simple and low-impact queries to an integrated self-service knowledge base, and problem identification are some examples of features you could anticipate to be automated.

2. Integration

APIs and integration services should be available from service desks, allowing them to integrate with your other IT administration procedures. As a part of your IT system, your service desk should be able to quickly interface with other tools such as WorkHub Tasks.

3. Self-Service

This is a well-known feature of the service desk. By allowing consumers to essentially serve themselves, self-service capabilities should save you and your staff time and effort. This could be in the form of a knowledge base or FAQs. A ticketing system connecting common questions to public resources, such as a blog or guide on the subject, is another example.

Tips to Improve Customer Service with Help Desk Tools

Tips to Improve Customer Service with Help Desk Tools

A quality product or competitive pricing used to be enough to keep customers coming back. However, today’s consumers prefer the convenience and expect their demands to be fulfilled as quickly as possible, so firms must pay attention to their markets and become increasingly customer-centric.

 Furthermore, according to a PwC study, 73% of customers are willing to pay extra for a superior customer experience. Here are some ways

1. Offer Multi-Channel Communication

Companies nowadays provide a variety of alternatives for clients to communicate with them. They put a lot of money into social media, email, chatbots, and other things. While this makes things easier for customers, it makes it difficult for businesses to maintain track of these talks.

Each mode of communication has its own app or software. Customer support personnel may get confused as a result of having multiple tabs open, juggling multiple conversations, and being fully disorganized. As a result, customers have a negative experience.

Customers want you to be able to handle many channels within a single encounter because it makes it so much easier for them to acquire their pro advice.

2. Self-Service Is an Option

One of the most effective ways to deliver good best help desk software customer service at a large scale is to create a knowledge base. When compared to the time an agent would spend explaining the same problem to your clients over and over, the initial cost of creating a knowledge base article is next to nothing.

That’s because effective knowledge base material may assist thousands of users at once without requiring the assistance of a customer support representative. Consider this: what do most individuals do first when they have a problem? When a customer has an issue, they will most likely go to your website to look for an answer.

3. Make Sure Your Product Roadmaps Remain Realistic.

If you want to succeed, you must have a help desk management software holistic vision of where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow. By creating product roadmaps, you can keep track of your company’s most essential KPIs and gain a clear picture of:

  1. How are your customer relations?
  2. What technologies have been implemented and which have been left out;
  3. Which technology provide the greatest value to customers;
  4. What the product’s future will be.

You’ll know exactly how to build and optimize your customer service operations to meet your objectives if you create a plan.

4. Analytical And Reporting Tools Might Help You Assess Your Effectiveness.

There’s no excuse to make judgments based on guesswork nowadays, with so much data at your fingertips. In brief, IT help desk software enables you to collect and analyze data so that you may better understand your clients and deliver exactly what they want.

Some of the advantages of measuring your customer service efforts are as follows:

  1. Reduce customer turnover; boost customer loyalty; boost client lifetime value; boost good word-of-mouth;
  2. Recognize what customers want, need, and anticipate;
  3. Make decisions based on data.

5. Organize Your Customer Service Queue

Do all new cases end up in one big pile after they’re opened? There’s probably a lot of garbage clogging up the queue that your support team spends time redirecting instead of focusing on your clients.

No one in support needs to keep track of who gets what kind of requests or waste time guessing where non-help-related interactions should be sent. They merely need to know what kind of communication it is and then leave the heavy lifting to the robots.

Fix the problem by creating an ownership map of who gets what, including specific notifications and whether they should be stored for records or thrown away entirely.


WorkHub Tasks Helpdesk tools can be used as a service desk as well as a helpdesk. It includes helpdesk support features such as a ticketing system for tracking solutions, a client self-service portal, and a knowledge base utility for creating your own manuals and system documentation. The knowledge base and self-service portal are especially beneficial since they allow customers to serve themselves, decreasing the need for your engagement.

Furthermore, you can include anything you want in the knowledge base, as long as it accounts for all of the common requests. By offering training materials and best practice recommendations, you might even use the knowledge base to train your own employees.

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