5 Best Online Staff Management Software For Remote Workers

Staff management software provides an organization with safe storage and management of all work-related and crucial personal details of employees.

So, using such software, you may easily and quickly manage admin duties.

Additionally, remote working in recent years has increased. COVID-19 epidemic has caused a significant increase in remote work.

People around the world tried to adapt to the new working environment of work-from-home because of unexpected changes. 

Still, many companies face several hurdles in responding to the complete remote working of their workforce.

While the situation related to Covid-19 has improved to some extent, if not completely, organizations are continuing to make their employees work from home.

With your employees working from home, you need a different approach when it comes to their management. 

So, we bring you the best online staff management software for remote workers in this article. Read them below:

1- WorkHub

workhub home

WorkHub is a tailor-made solution for companies looking for remote management of employees. 

It is, therefore, the best solution for staff management software, especially in the necessary times of remote working.

It serves as a one-stop solution to all your remote working needs by combining internal and external communications. 

The internal team members communicate using the ‘team wall ‘ that enables a single-click call functionality along with the chats feature.

The external communications are also integrated with Workhub’s platform to make any external contact communicate with the internal team members.

It also allows its users to integrate with calendars, making it a lot easier for you to book individual or group appointments.

In addition to communication, WorkHub also includes task management and collaboration. As a result, resolving customer queries in less time and effort is possible using this software.

Lastly, Workhub understands that if there is no celebration of successes, teamwork, communication, and the subsequent results become pointless. 

WorkHub comes with an employee rewards and recognition platform to improve employees motivation, satisfaction and engagement. 

Organizations just need to establish budget and recognition objectives, this is to help organizations to manage recognition amongst peers, supervisors, and employees on a day to day basis.

Furthermore, these are the key areas where WorkHub focuses:

  • Services for Virtual Meetings & Video Conferencing
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Calendars of Meetings
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Recognition for Employees

To conclude, Workhub should be your ultimate choice when choosing staff management software for your remote employees.

2- Slack

Slack Business Communication Platform

Slack is one of the well-known online staff management software.

One of the notable features of Slack is the option to add apps that report business information automatically, such as new subscribers or product feedback, and bots to keep employees involved.

With Slack, you can bid adieu needless meetings and inefficient email chains: Slack makes cooperation open, sharing knowledge simple, and harmonization unavoidable.

In addition to managing employees who work remotely, HR leaders use slack to enhance four crucial areas:

  • How HR interacts with the whole organization.
  • Work inside the Human Resource department.
  • Engaging and aligning employees.
  • Collaboration at all levels of the organization.

3- Trello


For those who want to manage the work of their remote employees in an organized way, then Trello may be a decent option for them.

With the use of cue cards, rule-based triggers, instructions, and automated processes, it presents itself as an effortless way to prioritize chores. 

While Trello serves as a tool for cooperation and communication amongst remote workers, the majority of its capabilities are primarily focused on making sure that team members are informed of progress on various tasks that have been assigned and offering insight into pending action items.

4- Scoro


With Scoro, you can manage projects, billing, sales, support, and even staff cooperation online.

It not only allows you to manage your remote staff, but it also allows you to communicate and collaborate from your home, place of employment, or while traveling.

Scoro is an intriguing software since it integrates time tracking, project management, and CRM, improving cooperation and making it simple to manage all of your company activities in one location.

5. Connecteam


You can manage your remote teams efficiently and effectively using Connecteam, a single tool for managing all of your employees. 

You and your team can accomplish everything under one roof, from setting schedules to celebrating achievements to keeping everyone on the same page.

Contrary to most unconnected solutions, Connecteam gives everything a business needs for communication and collaboration: it makes it simple to share processes, engage with workers, dispatch jobs, assign projects, and track their completion, among many other things. 

Regardless of your employees’ level of tech-savviness, they can easily utilize this single straightforward, integrated platform.


There are many more online staff management software options that can keep your staff productive and effective. It would be difficult to mention all, so we had to limit ourselves in this respect.

However, we have tackled numerous vital solutions in each area that we are convinced would be valuable.

However, we propose WorkHub, if you are looking for a program that best suits your remote working demands. WorkHub has the highest probability of fulfilling all your online working needs because of its versatility and comprehensive app bundles.