5 Best Online Staff Management Software For Remote Workers

Having staff management software provides an organization with safe storage and management of all work-related as well as crucial personal details of an employee. By using this system, you may easily and quickly manage admin duties.

Although remote working in recent years has been widespread, the COVID-19 epidemic has seen unprecedented levels reach.

People around the world tried to adapt to this new working environment because of unexpected changes. Companies have faced several hurdles in responding to developments and continuing to operate online.

Fortunately, you can respond to this transition with suitable online staff management software.

In this blog, we will go through some of the best online staff management software for remote workers.

So, let’s get them started. Here are the top 5 online staff management software for remote workers.

1- WorkHub

WorkHub Powerful Employee Management Software

WorkHub is like a tailor-made solution for most companies looking for remote management possibilities. WorkHub might be the best solution for the staff management software, especially in current pandemic times.

This platform aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all business activities and workflow initiatives. In addition, WorkHub also seeks to be a virtual communication and cooperation lighthouse.

Besides, WorkHub is more like a business operating system with capabilities that streamline almost all your operational and management processes.

After a thorough examination of major organizational requirements, in particular, those associated with remote work management, applications available on the platform were developed.

Furthermore, these are the key areas where WorkHub focuses:

  • Services for Video Conferencing
  • Ticketing System for the Helpdesk
  • Calendars of Meetings
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Employee Benefits
  • Timeline for Employees

2- Slack

Slack Business Communication Platform

Slack is one of the most common remote team applications. Remote staff management software such as Zapier, Buffer, and Help Scout regard Slack as their “virtual office,” a place for employees to receive immediate feedback and connect both one-on-one and in groups.

One feature which jumps out is the option to add apps that report business information automatically, such as new subscribers or product feedback, and bots to keep employees involved.

Moreover, it brings together at the right time the right people and information. Say goodbye to needless meetings and inefficient email chains. Slack makes cooperation open, the sharing of knowledge simple, and harmonization unavoidable.

HR leaders use slack to enhance four crucial areas:

  • How HR interacts with the whole organization.
  • Work inside the Human Resource department.
  • Engaging and aligning employees.
  • Collaboration at all levels of the organization.

3- Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

If you’ve ever worked remotely, you probably don’t have the reliable recall of utilizing unreliable live video conferencing technologies. As recent as one year ago, frustrating technical issues, such as frozen video and no sound, were prevalent.

More so, people also use zoom for informal ‘hangouts,’ which they call Troop Talks. Each conversation has a distinct theme or question. Everybody free will show up, and we will share experiences.”

Furthermore, Zoom offers a unified enterprise experience that includes meeting rooms, chats, webinars, and conferencing.

In light of the current epidemic, more offices have continued to operate online, implying a growing requirement for team collaboration. More companies use Zoom on a regular basis and hold regular gatherings via an invitation-only link.

When it’s your turn to speak, you can mute and unmute yourself, share screens, and even record sessions and save them to your PC for watching and listening.

Moreover, another fun feature is a gallery view, which allows all of you to observe the chat at once and makes you feel like our distant team is close to the other for a while.”

Also, for an entirely remote-based company, Zoom is a great option, as it is one of the best virtual conference platforms.

Zoom can provide your employees with a reliable way to communicate with each other. They can have a quick one-on-one inspection with the teammates to discuss their ongoing projects.

4- Bullhorn

Bullhorn Recruiting Software Applicant Tracking System

Bullhorn has a range of products for staff management, including recruitment and tracking tools, middle and back-office support, onboarding software, and its intelligence “pulse” functionality.

Bullhorn had good results in the evaluation criteria integration segment since it provides a specific VMS and ATS integration solution. Bullhorn can link with Fieldglass, Beeline, IQ Navigator, and 40 additional alternatives at least.

However, its internal search capabilities were somewhat inadequate and made the database a slog to traverse. It is mostly designed for employment agencies and may not be suitable for corporations seeking only internal HR.

5- BlueTree

Bluetree Network - Epic Consulting Firm

BlueTree is a contract staff management software developed to ease the onboarding process with the onboarding modules of staff that may be set up based on work role, geographical location, and other criteria.

BlueTree has done well in the evaluation criteria segment Integrations, as it promises a complete connection with top WMS solutions. Their website includes several integration experts with contract data on employees, improved scheduling, and budget labor costs.

This tool is primarily focused on the management of contract workers. So one thing about the software is that it cannot provide functionality for different cases as adeptly.


There are many more online staff management software options that can keep your staff productive and effective. It would be difficult to mention all, so we had to limit ourselves in this respect.

However, we have tackled numerous vital solutions in each area that we are convinced would be valuable.

However, we propose WorkHub, if you are looking for a program that best suits your remote working demands. WorkHub has the highest probability of fulfilling all your online working needs because of its versatility and comprehensive app bundles.