10 The Best Customer Support Software in The United States

Customer Support Software is a great way to improve the customer service of any business. The United States is a good market for this Software. The United States is the largest global economy. The size of this economy is approximately $20.513 trillion. The United States is a worldwide leader in the Information Technology services industry. The global size of this industry is about Five trillion U.S. Dollars. The United States holds a 40 percent share of this global economy.

This vital industry has a 10 percent share of the national Gross Domestic Product. According to Select USA, there are more than 525,000 software and I.T. services companies in the United States. Software program publishers, customized software providers, are examples of people attached to it. Computer systems design corporations are significant players in this industry. It also includes Infrastructure design and facilities management companies. The U.S. Information Technology industry attracts a considerable amount of skilled workforce. Knowledgeable, expert and professional people are an asset of this industry. This industry employs about two million people in the United States.

Software companies of the United States have an excellent international reputation. These companies offer robust and reliable software solutions. Helpdesk ticketing system is one of the best productions of this superior industry. This Software is not only used in the United States. But, they have exported to other countries as well. The United States is also a big market for these products and services. The United States is also a hub of brands and prestigious customer-focused companies. For providing the best customer service, these Software are essential.

What Is a Customer Support Software?

It is a software system designed to streamline customer support tickets. This I.T. system provides all the environment to solve customer problems. This Software prioritizes, tracks and manages all customer-related activities.

Why Does a Business Need This Software?

All businesses want to achieve their business targets. All companies want to increase their sales revenue to increase profit. Providing excellent service is a way to increase sales revenue. To increase profitability, companies have to meet the requirements of their customers. To gain loyalty and customer retention, they have to work hard. Companies have to provide excellent service to their customers. There are the following reasons for low customer satisfaction in the businesses.

  • Conversation with customers comes from many channels.
  • Employees are performing unnecessary repetitive tasks.
  • Queries of many customers are not entertained.
  • Communication of high-profile customers stays in queues for a long time.
  • Employees are busy in unrelated and small jobs.
  • Unnecessary tasks are utilizing a significant part of resources.
  • Issues of good customers take a long time to solve.
  • To address customer issues fast, all data is not managed in a good way.
  • Because customers’ problems take a long time, customers’ satisfaction is shallow.

There are many ways to solve these problems. There are many superior customer service measures for better customer service. Excellent products perform a good role for a better customer experience. The quality of the workforce has played an essential role in the progress of the company. The use of the latest technology is also one way to achieve this purpose. The use of Software is an essential step towards better customer service. Discuss below are 10 the best Customer support software in the United States.

1. WorkHub Tasks

Workhub Assist Helpdesk Ticketing System

WorkHub Tasks is a fantastic tool for Support Ticketing System. It provides excellent help to e-commerce customers. This Software follows top-notch PCI DSS security standards. It is one of the secured ticketing software in the United States. It is an excellent tool to optimize business performance. Many companies have improved the quality of customer services with WorkHub Tasks . Following are the key features of WorkHub Tasks.

Multichannel Integration

A Help desk ticketing system collects information from many sources. Pieces of customer communication from different communication channels enter the system. Then these communication pieces enter in a single interface. Additionally, priorities are set for these communication pieces. The system adds more information with this information. All agents receive this information through the system. Then agents take necessary action to these requests. The system generates all analyses and reports. Based on the solutions provided by agents. This Software receives Communication from the following mediums.


The system receives all information without the interaction of any human. The system assigns a ticket to each email. After taking necessary action by the Software, the system sent tickets. The system can perform appraisal and analysis based on this data.

Social Media

Now it is possible to manage all social media activities with the help of Software. This Software process All social media-related Communication. The company can use this Communication on social media for business improvement. With Support Software’s help, it is now possible to automate data entry. This Software takes data from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is an excellent way to use social media communication for better customer service.

Live Chat

This software utilizes Chatting with customers for better customer satisfaction. This Software helps for an effective and better solution for customers. This Software collects every session of live Chat. With the use of Software, it is possible to maintain a log of live Chat. Customer Support System provides a good way of accountability of live Chat.


A multichannel Software allows businesses to use cloud telephony. It means the customer service team can receive and make phone calls from this system. It is possible to make a log of telephone calls. The system considers Pre-set guidelines for these activities. The system performs all the activities by itself, without the help of any human.

Ticket Assignment

Gone are the days when company employees used to enter information in computers. Now Software can perform all these tasks by itself. All assignment rules are pre-set to complete the job. It is an excellent way to meet company requirements. After assigning tickets, employees receive these tickets. It is a perfect way to save time and energy for employees. And they can solve core responsibilities. This system improves employees’ productivity. This Software can improve business performance.

Work Modes

The system provides an easy way of ticket assignments according to the requirements. Users can apply different filters for tickets arrangement. Users can also set priority to jobs according to the customer type. Urgency and priority are examples of these filters of ticket assignment. It is an effective way to customize work assignments for better customer service. Every customer has different preferences. Customized service is always expensive. Because it requires time and energy to customize it. Now it is possible to achieve cost-effectiveness with the help of this system.

A Broader View of All Jobs.

Work Hub Assist manages all customer-related activities in the system. Work hub Assist proved a view of all insight information. It is straightforward to use the information according to business needs. With the help of this Customer Support Software, customer support is manageable and easy to perform. This system has the integration ability to enhance the power and usability of the system.

Real-Time Insights

WorkHub Tasks provides the ability to produce metrics and reports. In this way, employees can calculate customer happiness rating and satisfaction. This Software has a remarkable capacity for this task. It is an excellent tool to watch Employees’ performance. It also provides a facility to measure individual employees’ performance. Performance appraisals are also measured with this system. The human resource department can also take advantage of this system. Top management can measure the performance of the company’s offering. WorkHub Tasks is a handy software for modern-day business.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk Customer Service Software and Sales

Zendesk is a suitable Support Ticketing System to manage all activities of customer service. This tool can be helpful for quality customer service. This Software provides excellent help to companies in offering quality customer service. This helpdesk ticketing system is one of the best Software. It can be beneficial for customer service management.

It has helped a lot of companies to improve the satisfaction of their customers. This Software has also increased the productivity of agents in many companies. Zendesk helps to manage all interactions with customers. Zendesk allows companies to manage customer services in a better way. This Software helps to create an environment to offer better customer service. Zendesk provides two versions of this Software.

• Zendesk for service

• Zendesk for sales

Zendesk for Service

Zendesk for service is a perfect tool to enhance the customer service experience. This Software is a complete I.T. solution. It is easy to use. Any sized organization can use this system. Easy integration is a valuable feature of this Software. This system can link with another system. It is a good way for an excellent organization-wide integrated system.

Zendesk for Sales

This Customer Support Software helps to reduce the difficulties of the sales department. System process all sales-related without human interaction. It is a good tool for team collaboration. All data is accessible to the whole team in an organized way. It offers an easy way to analyze all sales data. Team collaboration has become easy with this Software.

3. LiveChat

LiveChat is a premium help desk software. It is one of the best Customer Service Software in the United States. 177,000 users are using this Software worldwide. LiveChat provides a single platform for customer service and sales. It receives Communication from the customer by itself. This single system can handle Communication from many channels. It can receive customer communication from the website, emails and social media. The price range of this Software is from 16 to 50 United States dollars per month.

  • LiveChat can Show off products on a refined products card.
  • It has a superb ability to process information from Artificial Intelligence based chatbot.
  • LiveChat can process customers’ leads from the website by itself.
  • It can calculate sales processed by Artificial Intelligence based chatbot.
  • It can perform many tasks with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • LiveChat can segment customers based on their activity on the website.

4. Freshdesk

Freshdesk Online Cloud Based Customer Service Software

Freshdesk is an excellent tool to automate ticket systems. It offers the facility to address tickets according to the choice of team leader. This Software also provides flexibility to assign customers to specific agents. It helps a lot to the customer service department to improve their productivity.

It is a powerful package for customer service. Freshdesk automates all small tasks and responsibilities. With the help of this tool, team members do not have to indulge in small jobs. They can use their energy on the core customer-related responsibilities. The latest artificial intelligence technology has powered the Freshdesk.

  • This Software has an excellent ability to Streamline all your customer conversations.
  • It can Automate repetitive tasks to save time and resources.
  • It helps to make collaboration easy and fast within the teams.
  • This system can manage incoming support tickets from many channels of Communication.
  • For better time management, it sets a time frame for each assignment.
  • Ticket categories can be set based on pre-defined rules.
  • Users can create custom ticket status to identify the stage of the work process.
  • It can perform different actions on a ticket with the click of one button.

The system sent these work assignments to agents by Using the Robin method. The system considers the agent’s skill and workload before sending jobs.

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk Customer Service

Zoho is an excellent tool for helpdesk ticketing. It can help businesses to improve customer services. It can manage cross-functional service processes. This Software has helped many companies to improve their customer service quality. This Software can process customers’ conversations from many channels. Businesses can link Emails, phones and social media with this system. Zoho desk is using Artificial Intelligence to perform many activities.

It can embed a knowledge-based community with the support of Artificial Intelligence. This Customer Support Software automates repetitive tasks; It helps to smooth service processes. This Software detects bottlenecks in the system. It helps to create accountability for employees. This Software helps to increase the productivity of Customer support agents. Customer support agents are customers’ first line of contact with businesses. This interaction helps to improve brand image in the mind of customers.

  • With the help of Artificial Intelligence, this Software improves the teams.
  • It enables companies to address customers’ issues in less time.
  • This system empowers every agent to delight every customer.
  • Automate all your repetitive activities.
  • It provides easy integration with another system of the company.
  • It can help to create a perfect work environment to increase customer service.

6. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk it Service Desk software

Jira Service Desk has revolutionized the Help desk ticketing system. In 2013, after the creation of Jira, this Software had helped thousands of companies. This Customer Service Management System has enabled many service teams to achieve their targets. This Software is a great help to companies even today. Jira Service Desk offers a free trial period. Jira provides training materials, webinars, and lives support for users. It includes help to the user to use this platform with ease. Following are the top features of the Jira Service Desk.

  • Automated Routing of the assignments.
  • Knowledge Base information system for greater adaptability.
  • Live Chat, email and social media advanced support.
  • Self Service Portal provides excellent help to customers.
  • Surveys & Feedback analysis, charts and reports.
  • Have the ability for easy integration with significant Software.

7. Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk Service Desk Software

Web Help Desk is a good tool for support management. It provides I.T. support to Technicians and the customer service team. This software has an easy-to-use interface. It gives the ability to an automated system. It is an excellent tool to support the customer service team. It can help to achieve a more significant customer satisfaction score.

Web Help Desk is available as a Cloud app, a SaaS app and a Web App. Web Help Desk offers a free trial also. This free version is free for one-time use. This Software provides simplicity and automation for help desk ticketing. Besides the customer portal, the company provides customer service by email also. You can configure an email address for each service project. Portal agent arranges customer replies in a single thread. It is the choice of customers to send issues either through email or the portal. Many users can use this Software for easy collaboration.

8. Happyfox

Happyfox Help Desk Software

Happyfox is a cloud-based help desk ticketing system. This I.T. solution provides good help to companies for better customer service. Happyfox sorts tickets based on priority pre-set by management. This Customer Service Management System organizes jobs based on predetermined criteria. It is an excellent way to queue relevant queries in a logical manner. Email templates help to manage repetitive queries by itself.

Templates are set to make pre-defined rules. Team leaders can customize these rules for changing requirements. A log is set to store the activity of each ticket. This software stores all activities on the ticket page for further analysis. This Software provides an excellent feature of ticket inflow report. This system shows a report on the volume and trend of the tickets. It is a great feature to analyze the popularity of each channel. Happy Fox has the following features.

  • This software program provides good support to Mobile Users.
  • It provides easy Customization according to each user’s needs.
  • This Software provides easy integration with central Software.
  • Now with the help of this Software, it is easy to make reports and analyses.
  • It is a perfect way for response automation.
  • It helps to blend all communication channels at one point.

9. HubSpot

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Sales and Service Software

HubSpot provides a great experience to delight customers. It has helped many companies to improve team productivity. Customers can set up a company email alias for I.T. support. It is also used for internal Communication. This Customer Support Software ensures information available for every member of the team. Instead of doing a lot of manual work, this Software automates creation. The automated system converts incoming requests into tickets and for delivery to employees.

Employees can have more context for every customer conversation. This Software provides excellent support to employees. With an easy-to-use interface, employees can use this Software with little training. The integration with other Software can increase the capabilities of HubSpot. This Software provides tremendous growth to sales, marketing and service departments. HubSpot CRM platform can fulfill the needs of the Sales, marketing and service team. This Software also provides integration of these departments. The following are significant features of this fantastic Customer Service Software.

  • This system creates tickets for every communication activity.
  • The interface of this software display dashboard for an overview of all activities.
  • This Software is an excellent tool for the customer service team.
  • This system is secure with gold-standard security.
  • Collaboration and coordination are easy now, in the members of the team.
  • Analysis and monitoring are easy to perform with this system.

10. UVdesk


UVdesk is a good software for the Helpdesk. It provides good help to the companies. This Software enables companies to provide adequate customer service. This Software converts emails into tickets by itself. This system helps the company’s support agents to respond to customers in a short time.

UVdesk implements PCI DSS standards for strict data security. The system saves all information in encrypted form. It is impossible for hackers to access this information. Whitelist is a fantastic feature of this Software. Single Sign-On (SSO) allows easy access to the support portal. This portal is accessible through major social media platforms.

 It saves a lot and makes it easy to access by users. Users do not need to create an account to access this portal. Log on from your social media account for easy access. This Software can be fast loaded. This Software has the ability for offline usage. An agent can reply to the ticket when they have no access to the internet. When the internet is available, this information enters on a live system.

  • Push ticket notification – inform about every ticket by notification.
  • User can use this system as an app on a smartphone
  • This Software has an excellent capability of email management
  • This Software provides a facility for migration from any help desk software.
  • When the company agent performs any action, the customer gets a notification by email. And when customers reply to an email, it goes to the agent dashboard.
  • This Software provides excellent security to customer information and company data.

In The Nutshell

Companies are always trying their best to improve the quality of customer services. There is much software in the market. The above discussed are the top ten Customer Support Software in the United States. We recommend WorkHub Tasks as the best software. As it has the latest features to fulfill the requirements of the modern-day.