give-your remote communications a personal touch

Give Your Remote Communications a Personal Touch

Team communication like you wouldn’t have experienced before. Start instant video conferences in a single click, and that too with all the necessary features that you need.

Instant Bookings Directly Into Your Calendar

Forget lengthy and unnecessary email threads to book meetings. Schedule calls instantly and conveniently with the help of our interactive scheduling tool.

Instant-bookings directly into your calendar-

Problem-Solving Via Helpdesk Ticket Management

Say no to the mishandled piles of unseen queries from the customers and your employees. Use our novel helpdesk management system to solve every problem in a systematic manner.

Modernistic Employee Recognition and Rewards

Now you don’t have to worry about your staff’s motivation. Use our AI-powered employee recognition and reward platform to boost their morale and overall productivity.

modernistic employee recognition and-rewards

Work From Home Or Remote Work Is Here To Stay!

Use world's first purpose built platform for remote work, to turbo charge your remote work initiatives.
WorkHub keeps you connected with your team members globally.

  • Team Wall
  • 1 Click Audio/Video Call
  • Internal Communications
  • Communication, Outside to inside
  • On-demand online support
  • Unattended online access
  • Quick File Sharing
  • Audio and Video Chat Support
  • Easy Sync With All Calendars
  • Convenient Calendar Shareability
  • Define Availability Hours
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Skyrocket Your Employee Retention
  • Instant & On-spot Recognition
  • Seamless Navigation Through All Rewards
  • Derive Organizational Results With Comfort
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Seamless Integrations

WorkHub works with your existing platforms so you can easily enable remote work for your team.

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